6th Moon Monthly Goals Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Today is a New Moon and it’s time to set our goals for the lunar month. So lets go ahead and start with our new moon beginnings. I really enjoyed creating the my June Plan With Me and today I’ve taken my BUJO outside to the deck. So grab some tea and light a candle with me as we do some goal setting.

6th Moon Monthly Goals Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting

This month I’m using Spirit De Lune Guidebook and Deck. This layout is from my June Monthly Plan With Me. I like to start by shuffling the deck 3 times or whatever feels good, and then I cut the deck. This month for my journaling prompts I’ll be focusing on:

to have

to do

to be

6th Moon Monthly Goals Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting

I like to write down any notes that jump out at me from the guidebooks as I journal. For to have, I have the planting moon, to do, the waxing gibbous moon, and to be, the blessing moon. I’ll be thinking about my notes as I work on the opposite page where I figure out my challenges, goals, and how I’m going to accomplish them.

This month’s lunar theme is:

savor sweetness

Mantra I have devotion to my goals. 6th Moon Monthly Goals Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting

My intention for this cycle is to start the 13 week wellness plan, time block my schedule, and share more with on camera videos.

My mantra for this cycle is:

“I have devotion & discipline to strengthen my health, unplug & explore, and to read more to foster my Spiritual Nomad growth & creativity.”

6th Moon Monthly Goals Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting

Either by the moon or in the morning of each new lunar phase, I set a positive feeling based intention for each of the eight lunar phases. For this new moon I wrote:

“I set my intention to start the 13 week wellness plan, time block, & share more on camera. I feel my intention in my body.”


Then at the beginning of each moon phase for this cycle I will come back to this spread and write a new positive feeling based intention. I’ll be posting these little mini moon updates over on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss them!

On the final Crescent Moon of the lunar cycle I do a Lunar Review of the entire month tracking my journey back to the new moon. First I think about what worked, what didn’t, and what I can improve. Then I reflect on the biggest wins of the lunar month.

This journaling and goal setting practice is something that I do the night before every new moon or the morning of every new moon. This practice of short term, achievable goal setting via the lunar cycle, has grown really dear to my heart. It’s something that I can’t imagine not doing.

Using tarot cards in this way gives me a new lens in which to look at my life. It’s also given me a lot of inspiration and closure by looking at my life through a different perspective. This practice has also helped me hone my focusing skills and has enabled me to quit second guessing myself. With this practical tarot new moon journaling prompt, I look forward to each lunar cycle and the start of a new chance to achieve my goals.

Now that we have completed this Monthly Lunar Goal Setting session, we can go ahead and bring our 5th Moon Practice to a close.

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Lunar Goal Setting 6th New Moon Plan With Me

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