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Hey You! I’m Jenny…

My whole life I’ve struggled with confidence and self acceptance. Then in 2017 I was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and OCD tendencies. So It’s no wonder I felt like an outsider and like something was wrong with me.

I know how hard it is to live that way, and you shouldn’t have to.

So I created Owls & Indigo to help you find connection and self acceptance.

Through focused daily journaling, creative outlets, and meaningful self reflection, I was able to find the confidence, self acceptance, and connection that I was missing. I no longer felt like something was wrong with me, and finally realized that I’m awesome just the way I am, and I know you can too.

With a little dash of compassion, mindfulness, nature, and guided journaling, I know that you will stop doubting yourself, stop feeling rejected, and instead understand yourself, find connection, and grow into who you were always meant to be.

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