June Lunar Bullet Journal – Spiritual BUJO Plan With Me


June BUJO Plan With Me – Lunar & Spiritual Journaling

Today I’m sharing with you my June bullet journal plan with me. Last month I talked about how I was merging my spiritual journal in my daily planner into one, and I have a little update for you.

I have actually been in really enjoying putting the two together. I feel like I have less to carry and keep track of. Putting them together has made me feel more connected to my daily life and to my spiritual life. It’s helping me blend the two together and actually create a more cohesive and holistic view of how I travel through my day.

It’s creating a more in sync and intuitive view with how I want to live my life. It also reminds me in an automatic and subtle to practice my spirituality, because it’s all in the same place. So every time I pick up this journal, I start to think about all of the practices that I have written down into this book that I have been tracking and that I actually want to do. So my journal reminds me to GSD not only in my work life, but also and my spiritual life.

Now that it’s finally June, I am actually really excited for my birthday month this year! This month’s theme for the 6th Moon is: “savor sweetness.” The flowers that I’m doodling this month are corn flour or a variation of bachelor’s button, I’m not really sure. This is a little flower that you can see along the roadside in the Midwest and is one of my favorite wild flowers.

The theme for the 6th Moon is: “Savor Sweetness”

Not only do I do goal setting every month, I also do goal setting eight times a year that coincide with the change of the seasons. So at every equinox and solstice I check in with my goals for the year to see how I’m doing.

I was inspired by label makers this month too. I’ve been wanting one for years and I was just dying to get one, so instead of just buying one immediately, I decided to just let it sit and sleep on it a little bit. I ended up not buying it… just yet. I had clear address labels that you can print your address on, and colored in the label sheets black, and then wrote the headings with a white jelly roll.

New Moon Beginnings: to have, to do, and to be.

For the New Moon Beginnings spread, I have three columns: to have, to do, and to be. On the next page is where I do my lunar goal setting, which is different than what I normally do. I was inspired by a lunar journal that I saw on Pinterest. It has four sections, and in the middle a moon and a sun doodle. The sections are titled, I am, I can, I’ve done, and I will. I’ll be thinking about these prompts when I do my 6th Moon Lunar Goal Setting video which is coming up next.

I am…
I can…
I’ve done…
I will.

My full lunar month circular spread has every single day of the lunar month and each of the moon phases decorated with the same simple wildflowers. I also like to use dutch door spreads on this lunar layout each month. I have a space for my full moon check in, my intention for the month, my monthly mantra, and then on the outside of the dutch door flaps, a space to write down what I’m looking forward to this month and on the other side, space for my 6th moon lunar review that I do at the end of the month.

My black cat Olena absolutely loves my watercolors… I think that’s because she likes to steal my water whenever I have a glass, putting her paw in it and trying to get her head in there for a drink. You can see her in the video trying to get into the watercolors, so you’ll see me pushing her aside a couple of times to get her away from the watercolors to make sure that she doesn’t get into them.

This next section is my daily planner. This is the same setup but I had last month. It’s a really simple dutch door layout with one week on each side of the dutch doors. This helps me for scheduling because I can see two weeks at a time. There is also space on the left side for a quote and notes for some important things that I need to make sure that I don’t forget this month. On the right side I have my focus for the month, my goals, and anything that’s upcoming for the month.

Last month I didn’t really use the master to do list, I think it was because I couldn’t see it. This month I made tabs for my master to do list that I can see from the daily planner section.There is a section for notes, work tasks, and on the backside of this page I have my personal to do’s and then also space for any creative projects.

The very last spread of the month is my “unravel your month” pages. My words this year are flux and flow. Underneath this section is where I write out my monthly journaling prompt that I share with you every month.

The questions I ask myself at the end of every month are:

what am I grateful for most?
how did I challenge myself?
what did I learn?

And the last and most important journaling prompt is:

What connects you to your spirituality?

Let me know in the comments down below what connects you to your spirituality or email me! Is your answer similar to mine? Is it totally different?

For some reason I wasn’t thinking, and I ended up using a marker that, after the fact, I knew would bleed through the page, it just didn’t occur to me when I reached for this marker. I just knew that it was the darkest one that I had and that’s what I grabbed for. Has that ever happened to you? When I flipped to the back of the page I noticed how how much it bled… and it didn’t actually look that bad! It reminded me of a grungy 90s vibe that I actually really enjoyed.

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: what connects you to your spirituality?

Last month we talked about what does spirituality mean to you? And this month I’d like you to reflect on what connects you to your spirituality.

Let me know in the comments down below what connects you to your spirituality or email me! For me there are three things that come to mind that help connect me to my spirituality. Self care which helps me practice compassion for myself and helps me practice compassion for others. The second thing is scent which I use to transform my space and to get myself into the right head space when it comes to spirituality. It also helps me be in the moment. The third thing is mindfulness, which helps me consciously shift my mindset, my viewpoint, and the lens through which I’m viewing the current situation, into a different view. Which can be shifting my mindset to the views that I strive to have, and also pulling me out of those negative mindsets that sometimes we just automatically fall into. Mindfulness helps me to reset the view of my world.

Self Care

What connects you with your spirituality? Is it practices or is it little triggers throughout your day? Or is it even goal setting? I can’t wait to see what connects you to your spirituality.

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