3rd Moon – Full Moon Check In for Lunar Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Today I’m going to show you how I make sure I’m on track with my goals for each Lunar Month with the Full Moon Check In, which marks mid cycle of the moon.

This is my journal spread for the 3rd Lunar cycle of the year. This is how I fill out the entire spread up to the full moon. First, on the new moon, I start by setting my goal for the lunar cycle which is, “My intention is to stay grounded and respect my flux and my flow.”

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Then I write a feeling based intention on each lunar phase either in the morning or in the evening by the light of the moon. On each full moon I do a mid moon check in to see if I am still on track with my original goal from the new moon. First I think about what I have succeeded in and then reflect on what I’ll improve.

To finish my Full Moon Check In, I’m writing out my feeling based intention for the full moon, “On this full moon I release that which is no longer serving me and that prevents me from manifesting my intentions. I am strong.”

Now that we have completed this journaling prompt we can go ahead and bring our Full Moon Check In Practice to a close.

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