I want you to become happier, healthier and have the confidence to walk your own spiritual path, along side whomever you choose or to walk the path in solitary. I want you to say, “This is my path, I know what I like, need, and what is good for my Spirit.” When you quit fighting your soul, and start working with it, you will finally find balance and peace that calms and simultaneously charges your whole self. 

Look Inside to find your true self…

Never miss a chance to grow your spirituality again. I share little tips that are going to help you nurture your soul and feed your spirit. The articles will always give you something to carry with you & practice your whole week. They are also full of beautiful photos that I hope will inspire you to connect more authentically to your own spirituality.

Let me share my spirituality tips with you…

Reconnect With Nature

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Jenny Proczko

I am a spirituality lifestyle blogger & artist of life from nature in Michigan.

Owls&Indigo is a about personal growth + spiritual lifestyle design and figuring out how to be more spiritual every single day by connecting with your true self and nature.  Here, I share weekly knowledge and inspiration on becoming your best self and creating your dream spiritual life. Read more about me and what I do here…