Year Ahead Tarot Spread + Monthly Review


This is the first year ahead tarot spread that I can ever remember doing. It was interesting to say the least, since I am a firm believer that the tarot can NOT tell you your future and really is only a mirror to what you already know about yourself. I have always looked at the tarot as binoculars or a magnifying glass that allows you to view a situation through a different lens that you might not realize is available to you OR that you might be avoiding. What that said, let’s get into my first year ahead tarot spread with The Wild Unknown Deck.

I started by shuffling the cards three times, because that is what felt good to me at the time, and then I drew one card as my overall theme for the year.

The Theme of 2020

The Five of Wands

“Scattered, Lack of Focus, Lost. This is a card of conflict. You may find yourself tending to nothing and everything. Find ways to bring calm and focus to your mind or these troubles will only increase.”

Then I drew cards for each month and laid them out in a circle.

January, 8 of Wands, sudden movement or change.
February, 5 of Cups, grief, disappointment. Horse.
March, Son of Pentacles, loyal, quiet, dedicated. Deer.
April, 9 of Cups, bliss, harmony.
May, Father of Wands, charismatic, creative. Snake.
June, Death, closure, transformation. Bird Skeleton.
July, Mother of Swords, sharp, perceptive. Owl.
August, 9 of Swords, dark visions, anguish. Earth Worm.
September, 5 of Pentacles, sadness, worry, illness. Rose.
October, 7 of Swords, secrecy, self-interest. Fox.
November, 8 of Pentacles, craftsmanship, skill. Spider.
December, 8 of Cups, stagnation, ill health.

A special note on the Death Card and My Birthday Month Card….

For June, my birthday month, I drew the Death card, which represents closure and transformation. The fact that this card popped up in my birthday month doesn’t bother me. The Death card doesn’t represent anything bad to me, it never has. This card is just a sign of transformation which is a really really good thing to have for your birthday month in my opinion!

I would definitely be wanting closure and transformation in the future. I would love to transform every year on my birthday, or at least feel like I’ve made progress in my life each year. So I’m actually quite excited about having the Death card… this one doesn’t bother me at all.

Tarot Cards & Shadow Work Journaling Prompts

I have talked about Shadow Work and corresponding journaling prompts here on Owls&Indigo before, so I was quite happy with the card I drew for October.

For October I drew the Seven of swords, which has a little fox peeking from behind it’s tail, it represents secrecy and self-interest. This is a good card to have for October since that is when we start the descent into our Shadow Selves at that time of year. It is a time of year full of introspection and getting to know the child self and inner most true self no matter how easy or difficult that may be.

Overall, I don’t think that this is a bad spread. There are a lot of life lessons and things that we all go through ever single year. By doing this year ahead tarot spread, it gives me and idea of things to keep in mind, that again are part of the shared human experience as I go through the year. There are different themes that could pop up during each season and this spread helps me keep those things in mind.

Tarot cards can’t tell us our future. The tarot cards are just a mirror to our selves and the shared human experience that we all go through by highlighting the themes and archetypes that every human life has at various points along the road.

I use the tarot cards as a way to prompt my intuition to come forward and tell me what I already know about myself or a situation. This allows me to think about things that I already know the answer to, that I may have forgotten, or that I may be ignoring on purpose. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set), by Kim Krans is a really great introduction into tarot cards that feel more approachable than the classic Rider Waite deck for those who are just starting their tarot journey. I love just looking at the artwork and tucking the cards into my mirror so I can see them every morning.

The guide book and is a really great addition to your tarot collection and artwork collection. See more about this deck in my own words here.

With the year ahead tarot spread, I am reminding myself of this shared human experience and the themes of life that we all go through on a monthly basis. I recreate the card on my monthly overview page in my moon themed bullet journal, and then review how my month went at the end of the month to see if the card made an impact at all. Sometimes it’s enough to be reminded of a certain life theme that pops up in the tarot cards, so that when we are faced with it, we are better equipped to handle it or sometimes be able to avoid it all together in a healthy manner.

The other things that I look at when doing a year ahead spread are the suits and any animals or plants that have popped up in the cards. My spread this year was very balanced with 3 of each of the minor arcana cards (wands, cups, swords, pentacles) and one major arcana card. Animals and plants are very important to my life because I grew up on a farm and still seek to have that connection to the land and my local ecosystem. I also have a medicinal herb practice that spills into my health and cooking.

Animals & Plants


January Tarot Card Review

For January I drew the Eight of Wands from The Wild Unknown deck. This card represents sudden movement or change. The card is mostly black with a rainbow lightning strike coming down from the top of the card to the center. There are also seven other wands pointed at it into the middle.

SO… “sudden movement or change” for January… I thought this was fitting when I originally drew card back at the beginning of the month when I did my year ahead spread. The Eight of Wands is a really good card for new beginnings, new phases, and being at the start of something, like a new year!

I thought it was a really nice way to kick off the year with the Eight of Wands. I definitely experienced a lot of sudden movement and change in January. I had to hit the ground running, just as everyone does in January (there is that shared human experience I was talking about) after the holidays and get back into work and back into the swing of things. I felt like the jump back into the new year and work was a little more jarring this year… and I don’t know why… but for some reason, it did. There’s also been a lot of change in my personal life this past January – but it’s all been good and has all been positive.

So final verdict! I do think that The Eight of Wands definitely reflected back to me what my January ended up being.

Modern Tarot Emojis….Seriously… we need an actual stick or wand and a pentacle in the emoji set!

January Tarot Card Review

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