Gold Flower Moon Theme January Plan With Me | Moon Themed BUJO Layouts & Spreads


Today it’s time for my monthly plan with me for my daily planner and spiritual bullet journal.  Last year I started making bullet journaling a lot more accessible and easier for me with the use of stamps. You will see a lot of stamps in my videos this year in addition to my D.I.Y. Moon Phase Stamps + Coffee Cup & Tree Stamps. Stamps are going to make things so much easier and so much faster for me and I’m really excited to start using them!

This January cover page is inspired by a pin that I found on Pinterest. Make sure you follow me over there, I share a lot of really awesome inspiring content for bullet journals, moon goodness, and magical witchy things. I also share secular spirituality things that are good spiritual tips for anyone of any faith, and for people who are not religious but want to tap into their spiritual side more.

Along with my January cover page I’m also doing a cover page for my tarot card that I pulled for this month. I did a year ahead spread which I will be sharing soon! This is the card that I pulled for January, The Eight of Wands from the Wild Unknown Deck. The Eight of Wands represents movement and more change, which I think is an awesome thing to have in January. I’m really excited to have that be a supporting catalyst to my goals this year. The Eight of Wands strikes like lightning. It’s a card of news change or clarity in an unresolved situation. You might receive some surprising news that shifts the direction of your course.

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This monthly cover page is also going to be a flip-out monthly overview. This will enable me to flip out the page while I’m on my weekly spread and still see everything that I have going on for the month. There is also a lunar eclipse this month on the full moon.

This monthly cover spread also has the lunar phase dates for this moon and the beginning of the next one. I used my DIY Moon Phase Stamps. I am really really enjoying these stamps. They were so much fun to create from scratch. 

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set), by Kim Krans is a really great introduction into tarot cards that feel more approachable than the classic Rider Waite deck for those who are just starting their tarot journey. I love just looking at the artwork and tucking the cards into my mirror so I can see them every morning.

The guide book and is a really great addition to your tarot collection and artwork collection. See more about this deck in my own words here.

I am keeping it really simple this month and filling in with some gold accents. I have gold dots for Mondays and then two silver dots for the weekends. All of my little doodles this month were inspired by my monthly cover page. I wanted to keep it really simple just black and gold and some dots and lines. I really enjoyed the spreads that I did last year that had really easy simple doodles like the one’s you’ll see in this monthly stack.

On the back side of my monthly tarot card I’m writing my end of the month journaling questions.

Go here for more journaling prompts & monthly spirituality questions.

At the end of the month is where I do all of my journaling and my reflecting. I’ll have my monthly spirituality prompts which I’m going to be sharing with you in just a second down below! I have sections for, what I’ve learned, how I challenge myself, what is a time-saver and what isn’t, and what am I most grateful for.

The questions I ask myself at the end of every month are:

what am I grateful for most?

how did I challenge myself?

what did I learn?

what is working and what isn’t?

And finally, the most important question of the month, the monthly spirituality writing prompt:

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt.

On the inside of my two cover page flip outs, I’m going to be doing my Daily Tarot Draw again! I’m really excited about this, last year you all really really enjoyed this, so I will be recreating little miniature versions of my tarot cards that I pull every single day this month. See my past Daily Tarot Draws here!

I like to use stamps in my journal to dress up the pages a little bit. These little blue stamps are the eye stamp from the Crayola stampers of the 90’s. Does anyone remember those???

If you’re new to my content you’ll be wondering what this next spread is…

This is a moon wheel spread. Every single month in addition to a monthly plan with me that you’d find in any bullet journal, I always make sure to have a monthly moon calendar. Mine are always set up in the form of a wheel. See my past moon calendars here.

Since the calendar month of January starts after the beginning of a lunar month, we haven’t hit our first new moon of 2020 yet. So I’m making a little miniature moon wheel. This isn’t my full lunar goal setting spread, that is going to be coming up on the 24th this month with the New Moon (subscribe so you don’t miss it!).

We’ve got so many moon phases this month before we even get to our first new moon of the year, so I wanted to make sure that I included this. In this spread I’m going to be writing out anything that I’m grateful for or any trends that I’m noticing on the moon phases and just checking in to see how I’m feeling. Then on the 24th which is the first New Moon of 2020, I’ll be setting my goals for the first lunar month of the year.

Next is one of my favorite spreads. This is my mental inventory spread. I like to use this to get all of my ideas out of my head. It really helps with my anxiety……. This is like a brain dump page, I like the way that mental inventory sounds much better though. So this is where I’m going to be writing all of the notes that are floating around in my head so I can get them out and not have to worry about them anymore… AND not let them clutter up my mind and my anxiety.

And here we are at my first weekly spread of the year! Instead of a to-do list or a task list, I’m titling this “things I get to do.” This is a rolling weekly spread, I was noticing that I wasn’t using a traditional weekly spread that much. So I’ve decided to keep this very simple and very minimal. This spread is a two week spread with the dates for two weeks on the left side and my rolling task list on the right.

How are you connecting to your spirituality?

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