July Spirituality Journaling Prompt


This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: what does your spirituality practice look like?

Last month we talked about what connects you to your spirituality. And this month I’d like you to reflect on what your current spiritual practice looks like.

Let me know in the comments down below what connects you to your spirituality or email me! For me my spirituality practice varies from day-to-day. Sometimes it’s as simple as just stopping and taking a moment to breathe in and smell the tea or the coffee that I have picked for the morning and lighting a candle. But I don’t always get to light a candle sometimes literally stopping very briefly to smell the coffee. At times that’s all we have time for during the day, just a quick moment to stop and smell the roses. So anytime you get a chance to do that, do it. It is totally worth it. 

Other days my spirituality practice actually gets a little bit longer. I’ll get up and make my beverage of choice, and then light a candle and sit down with my journals. I like to go through and write down anything that’s on my mind or anything that’s bothering me. I also like to write down goals that I want to reflect on, to see how far I’ve gotten, or how far I am behind. This gives me the will and the jump-start to get back on track. After that’s done, I move into the rest of my day. 

At least once a month I have time to sit down and reflect with my journal for an extended period of time. I usually go to a coffee shop with my journal, reflect on the past month, and do the journaling prompts that I have at the end of each month. If you’d like to see what I write about make sure you check out my Monthly Plan With Me videos.  

Other times my spiritual practice is meditating with some incense or candles going. I’ll just either reflect on more things or just silently meditate and let the thoughts come and go. I also like guided meditations. 

There are also other times during the year where we celebrate the holidays and take time to say thank you to each other for being in each other’s lives. We also spend time with our family, and take the time to take care of our home. We also like to reflect on the season and to reconnect with the changing seasons be in nature. Sometimes we can’t actually get out into nature so we have to bring nature back in with us. If that’s the case, I like to buy seasonal bouquets and change out our paintings with seasonal paintings that we have, and the other photos and artwork too. I change them all with every season. 

I also really love to sit down with my husband and bring out our own journals. He has his own journal where he does his own goal setting. We do this practice eight times a year and reflect on the seasonal changes or sometimes we’ll cook together afterwards. We normally have some sort of seasonal poem that we pick from one of our old poetry books. We get outside if we can. We love to hang outdoors and love hiking If you would like to see what our spirituality practice looks like as a couple let me know in the comments down below. 

What does your spirituality practice look like?

This month’s Lunar Bullet Journal – Spiritual BUJO Plan With Me: click here!

How are you connecting to your spirituality?

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