25 Awesome Gifts For Journal Lovers

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You just found out that someone in your life loves journaling (or maybe it’s you!!!) and you’re excited that you finally know what to get them as a gift instead of defaulting to a gift card to a random store. You’re probably wondering, “Is a blank journal a good gift?”

As a journal lover and devotee, I’m here to help you find the perfect gift for the avid journaler and writer in your life and calm your anxiety about finding the perfect gift.

The basic journaling gift set should include a refillable pen, blank journal or journal prompt book, stickers, & a mug to set the scene and fuel each writing session. This journal lovers gift set is perfect for the Holidays, Birthdays, House Warming’s, Mother’s Day Gifts, Just Thinking Of You Gifts, or as a gift for someone special at any time of year.

Basic Journaling Gift Set:

Keep reading for my most loved, tested, and used journaling essentials and premium luxury gifts for the writers and journalers in your life or to treat yourself. These are guaranteed to be the best gifts for writers & journalers (even if they’re someone who has everything!)

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Blank Journals

Blank journals are a great gift for journal lovers because they can use them any way they want. The pages are a blank canvas to explore our thoughts, doodle, or draw! Here are my favorites!

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

My favorite things about the original blank 5 Year Journal is how small it is & how long it lasts, which makes it the perfect keepsake gift.

This is one of those Non-Boring Stocking Stuffers For Journalers. It’s great for someone who is a beginner or doesn’t have a lot of time to journal. Perfect for the Mom on the go.

I just finished this journal in October and have already picked up another one. My favorite things to write were notable moments of the day or what I was most grateful for on that day if nothing happened that I wanted to record.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

The thing I love most about the Moleskine Classic Notebook is the soft flexible cover that feels like leather. This has been my favorite journal to just pick up and hold in my hands.

This journal is also my current bullet journal and daily planner.

Get this journal for someone who is new to bullet journaling.

See me use this product here.

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Notebook

The BEST quality about the LEUCHTTURM1917 – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook is that the pages do not bleed or ghost your ink through to the other side.

I have used paint, felt tip pens, markers and this journal has held up remarkably well.

Get this journal for someone who likes to junk journal or an artist who loves to journal.

See me use this product here

Leather Journal Notebook Gift Set

The best thing about this leather journal is it’s premium quality and protective gift box.

This is a beloved journal on my shelf and has already had many replacement journal refills over the course of using it.

This journal truly is one of the Best Gifts For Every Writer. Pair it with the Gunmetal Pen below and you have the perfect gift for any time of year.

Currently my journal like this  is set up as a travelers notebook with multiple thinner notebooks to house my different bullet journal collections.

See me use this product here.

Gilded Rosettes Journal

My favorite quality about this Gilded Rosettes lined journal is how thick the paper is. There is no ghosting or ink bleeding with this journal.

It has premium construction quality. This journal has a solid sturdy hardcover that requires no writing surface and is great for lap or knee writing.

Celestial Dotted Grid Journal

The best thing about this celestial journal is how thick the paper is and how light the dots are on the page. 

This is also a really great journal for junk journaling, art journaling, and has held up really well with all of the cutting and pasting fold out pages that I have done in it.

See me use this product here.

Journal Prompt Books

Want to give a journal that makes it easier to journal? Try one of my daily journals. They are designed to guide you with daily prompts.

A Year of Spiritual Growth & Mindful Goal Setting: 365 Mindfulness Journal Prompts

The best quality of this journal prompt book, A Year Of Spiritual Growth & Mindful Goal Setting: 365 Mindfulness Journal Prompts, is that it guides you through an entire year of daily journaling prompts.

This is one of those really great Gift Ideas for Journal Writing Self-Help.

In this journal you will find 365 prompts that will help you foster mindfulness thought patterns that will subconsciously push your goals towards completion one page at a time. This journal is intentionally laid out to help you reflect on your progress as you travel through the year.

Daily Tarot Journal: Uncovering The Art Of The One Card Tarot Reading

My favorite quality of the Daily Tarot Journal: Uncovering The Art Of The One Card Tarot Reading, is that it fosters the drive to create in all of us with spaces for daily miniature works of art. 

In this journal you will find spaces and journal prompts that will help you uncover the secrets to the answers that are already deep inside your subconscious. This journal is intentionally laid out to help you reflect on your daily tarot card draw as you travel through the quarter.

Pens & Markers

You can’t journal without a writing tool. Here are a few of my favorite pens, markers, and more from Amazon.

Telescopic Pencil Case

The best quality of this telescopic pencil case is that it SLIDES DOWN so you don’t have to dig for the pen you want!!! 

This is a really great case for all writing utensils and even makeup brushes.

The second best quality of this pen case is its perfect color pallet of black, white and pink.

Get this for someone who has too many “favorite pens” so they can keep them handy and corralled in one place.

Cherry Red PILOT FriXion Erasable Refillable Gel Pen

My favorite quality of this PILOT FriXion Ball LX Erasable, Refillable & Retractable Gel Ink Pen is the cherry red refillable barrel.

I love to pair this pen with my favorite erasable pen refills in a ton of different colors and weights.

Get this pen for someone who loves how pens feel in their hands and is looking for a quality lifelong journaling companion.

This is one of those gifts that Writers will actually use.

Gunmetal TUL Fine Writing Solid Metal Barrel Retractable Gel Pen

The best thing about the TUL Fine Writing Solid Metal Barrel Retractable Gel Pen is its weight and gunmetal finish.

This is the best gel pen that I have ever owned and comes with pen refills in a ton of different colors (purple and black are my favorite) and weights.

Get this pen for someone who loves how pens feel in their hands and is looking for a quality lifelong journaling companion.

Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Markers

My favorite quality about these Pilot FriXion markers is that they’re erasable!!!

This is a perfect Bullet Journal Gift Idea For Bujo Lovers.

These markers happened to be the hardest thing about putting together this list! I LOVE these markers and had a hard time picking just one set. 
To see the rest of the favorite erasable markers and regular markers check out my Amazon Favorites here.

Stickers & Stationary

Chances are your gift recipient is obsessed with stationary too! (I know I am!) Get them these two sets of unique postcards with inspiring messages, original custom paintings, and stickers for them to decorate their journals with their own unique flair.

Mini Moon Phase Sticker Sheets w/ 96 Stickers

My favorite thing about this sticker set is that one is hand drawn and has a cozy feel to each little moon phase sticker, and the other sticker set has perfect geometric shapes. Both have a beautiful gold color with black outlines.

The second best thing about these stickers is that ONE SHEET contains enough stickers for every moon phase for a year.

Each sheet has 96 stickers, Sheet Size 5.83″×8.27″. It has 12 sets of Moon Phase Stickers for each month of the year! 

Give your favorite items, like a planner, diary, bullet journal, notepad, laptop, or phone case an extra glow and personal touch.

12 Full Moon Inspired Post Card Set

The best thing about this postcard set is that each one is an original painting that is inspired by the full moon name of each month of the year!

Get this postcard set for the person who loves the moon. You can send these postcards in the mail or hang them up as artwork in your home.

Each design is a high-quality postcard made to keep you connected to the bright beautiful full moon each month.

See the creation of each original postcard painting here

Positive Messages Postcard Set

My favorite quality of this postcard set is the positive uplifting messages and designs. 

Stay connected with those you love even though you’re far apart. Send them beautiful inspired messages of positivity as a reminder to stay mindful.

Each design is a high-quality postcard made to foster your connection and keep your relationships strong. And was inspired by bullet journal plan with me videos and articles on Owls & Indigo.

Journaling Is An Experience

Having a journaling essentials gift basket right next to me helps me capture any spark of creativity that happens while I’m bundled up in my chair, without needing to pry myself from my favorite chair. Because who wants to move when you’ve finally settled into that perfect position… or have a cat who has just joined you?

Beyond the basic journaling essentials, I absolutely LOVE making journaling an experience that is cozy, comfortable, and inspiring. 

Cozy Gifts

My ideal writing nook is in a comfy chair that I can draw my legs up into under the warmest blanket, with a sturdy yet comfortable writing surface. With all of my journaling supplies and my favorite mug to sip coffee in the morning or tea in the evening, at my side, I’m ready to capture my thoughts, dreams, goals, and intentions. 

Ceramic Moon Phase & Stars Magic Color Changing Mug

The best thing about this ceramic mug is it’s color changing qualities!

I love that this mug goes from black to lighting up the sky with stars, moon phases, and celestial elements.

Get this for the person who loves cozy hand drawn gifts.

Enamel Moon Phase & Stars Mug

My favorite quality of this enamel mug is that it can truly go everywhere with me because of how durable it is.

This mug has been my go to, from the cozy writing nook, to bonfires, backyard parties, and camping. Just clip it to a carabiner for your next adventure!

You’ve seen here many of my videos as my most trusty sidekick.

Portable Curved Shape Light Wood Lap Desk

The best quality about this portable lap desk is that it is very wide with tons of room to rest your arm while you write.
The second best thing about this lap desk is the elastic bands to help keep your pages and journal in place.
This is one of those Gifts for Journaling Lovers That They’ll Actually Want.
I do not like to write or journal on a table. Can you relate? I’m much more inspired in a comfy cozy spot with my journal balanced on my lap or knee. 


The absolute best quality about these blankets is how warm they are! I am someone who is always cold and shivering no matter what I do or how many layers I put on.  So, I created a line of blankets that are super warm. This truly is the only blanket that I reach for and ONLY blanket that keeps me warm enough.

The second best thing about this blanket is that it comes in 3 extremely soft prints: Mountain & Night Sky, Pink Nebula, Purple Galaxy, and two price points. I love just running my hands over these blankets when I’m stressed. It calms my anxiety almost instantly. #stimming

Velveteen Plush Blankets

Sherpa Fleece Blankets

More Gifts To Make Journaling An Experience

Go further with your gift by including scent to transform the gift recipient’s space and experience journaling. Read more on how scent transforms your space and get gift ideas here.

Gift them a monthly subscription to a private journaling prompt, delivered straight to their email on the 1st of every month to help them dive deeper into self discovery and boost their journaling experience. Sign up for this free gift here.

Journaling helps you by connecting to your innermost true self, and filling your cup first so you can be the best version of yourself to take care of others. To go deeper these techniques for Daily Journaling and these advanced journaling exercises for Long Form Journaling.

What is your favorite type of journaling gift to receive, or that you’ve given someone? 

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