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Today I wanted to share my December Plan With Me. Full of watercolors, blues, moons, and stars. We also have a visitor today…

Olena is feeling very snuggly today. As soon as I sat down she just hopped up on my lap today with a coo and purrs. Today I wanted to share with you my December Plan With Me. 

For December I wanted to do some more watercolors. I’m trying a different technique this month and I’m not sure how I like it… I’m using vodka spritzed onto the watercolor while it’s wet. I’m still not super excited about it… let me know in the comments down below what you think of this technique. I’m just dipping a brush in some vodka and tapping it to create little spots. 

Next up is my monthly overview. For the calendar I wanted to keep it really simple this month. I realized that I was having trouble keeping track of work and personal things AND keeping them separate. So that’s what this strip is for. On one side I’m going to have personal appointments and then on the other work appointments.

my quote for this month is

“the dreamer is one who can only find her way by moonlight.”

– Oscar Wilde

Fun Fact:

I absolutely love Oscar Wilde. I’m a little bit obsessed with Dorian Gray. I wrote a lot of research papers on Dorian Gray in college, the art pieces by Yinka Shonibare, and the painting that’s hanging in the Chicago Museum of Art.

Image result for yinka shonibare dorian gray
Dorian Gray
Date: 2001
Artist: Yinka Shonibare MBE 
11 black-and-white photographs, 1 chromogenic photograph
Image result for portrait of dorian gray chicago art institute
Picture of Dorian Gray
Date: 1943–44
Artist: Ivan Albright
American, 1897–1983

I absolutely love the painting. Every time we go to the Art Museum I make sure to always visit that painting. It’s one of my favorite pieces of all time that I have seen in person. 2nd would have to be the Damien Hirst Chicago piece at Soho House Chicago.

Image result for chicago damien hirst soho house
photo from: The Allis at Soho House Chicago
“What a fashionable crop of our @damienhirst Chicago piece. Happy Friday. #TheAllis #SohoHouseChicago

Now I’m adding the moon phases to my monthly overview, Yule, and our Farmhouse Christmas dates. I made all of the stamps that I’m using. You can see the DIY here! If you make your own moon phase stamps, make sure you tag me on Instagram @owlsandindigo so I can see your recreations!

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Since this is the last month of the year, I wanted to do a quick tarot card pull, to close out the year. I pulled the Golden Egg from the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck, which was very fitting especially since I pulled the snake and cosmic egg. You can see it here in my moon calendar bujo video.

Opposite of the golden egg is my dear universe spread. This is where I say thank you to the universe for anything that has come my way, whether it’s positive or negative. This gives me a chance for pause to practice gratitude.

This month I decided to move my monthly review to the beginning of the month because I noticed the last couple of months I didn’t use all of my weekly spread pages in between. I felt like I was wasting pages in my journal. So now I have my monthly review towards the front of this bullet journal stack. 

Normally at the end of the month is where I do all of my journaling and my reflecting. I’ll have my monthly spirituality prompts which I’m going to be sharing with you in just a second down below! I have sections for, what I’ve learned, how I challenge myself, what is a time-saver and what isn’t, and what am I most grateful for. I also have monthly prompts for “unravel your month” that I do for my words of the year “flux and flow.” Flux and flow are my words for this year, kind of like a mantra.

The questions I ask myself at the end of every month are:

what am I grateful for most?

how did I challenge myself?

what did I learn?

what is working and what isn’t?

Back in January I set words for the year, kind of like a mantra, that I said to myself every day to set the tone. This is the last month that I’m using them so I’m excited to create a new set of words for next year this month, so they are ready for January.

This section is also where the December Spirituality Prompt is going to be. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it! I’m also going to be giving my answer to the spirituality prompt as well. 

Next is one of my favorite pages of my bullet journal stack, the mental inventory spread. I really like how it turned out last month in November. I’m not too keen on how this one turned out… BUT… I know that this spread is really going to help for all of the ideas that I need to get out of my head and onto the page to help quell my anxiety.

To finish out this monthly plan with me, I’m ending with my rolling weekly spread. I just discovered the rolling weekly spread from the Plant Based Bride. AND! I love it! I think it’s super awesome, because I loved having a task log but it felt kind of overwhelming to me the way I was doing it before. 

For me I just keep it really simple. On the left I’ve got all of my tasks. Then I put a little marker for the day that I want to do the task on, and then check them off as I get them done. On the left side I keep my weekly spread really simple. The letter of the day and the number dates is all I need.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here and subscribing. I am so grateful for this community that we have online. I’m celebrating today… I just hit a little teeny tiny milestone (that I thought was awesome)! I finally got the custom URL for YouTube! So if you check up in your browser you’ll actually be able to put in I’m so excited, because now it’s not just a random jumble of letters and numbers. 

And finally, the most important question of the month, out monthly spirituality writing prompt:

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt is coming soon! For now here is one on The Shadow Self Work.


DIY Moon Stamps

Pink & Gold Snake

Mental Inventory from November PWM


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