April BUJO Plan With Me – Lunar & Spiritual Journaling


I know its a little bit late, but my April Plan With Me for my Lunar & Spiritual Journaling is finally here.

I’m starting off with my monthly overview page. This month I was inspired by some elements that I wasn’t sure were going to go well together at first, but i decided to take a chance anyway. I have started with a watercolor branch that I am filling in the dates on with a white gelly roll pen. Now I’m working on drawing in the moon phases dripping down from the branch on their respective dates. I have been pinning gorgeous images like each of these moon phases on pinterest for months and have been trying to figure out how to work them into my journal, and finally here they are! I was also inspired by ChristineMyLinh one of my favorite youtubers and Journal Away. I really love her goal setting layouts, they are so simple but also ask important questions. I’m also using a gold gel pen and gold sharpie for the accent colors.

This next spread is my letters to the universe that I include every month. I think that this is the spread that ended up being my favorite this month. It turned out just how I wanted it to, which really surprised me because this was the first time I created watercolor clouds. I left A LOT of the art work to fate this month. I winged all of the watercolors and couldn’t be happier with them. You’ll see Olena my black cat a lot in the video this month… She’s my water cat that is obsessed with our sink…. so its no surprise that watercolors are her favorite art medium…. Also, don’t worry, she didn’t actually lick any of the paint or the water bowl.

I was inspired by this doodle that I found on a google search and wanted to turn it into a line drawing self portrait. It just felt like me, It felt right to send out these letter to the universe with my morning cup of coffee and sometimes tea, depending on the day.

This spread was inspired by Journal Away and is alllllll about my hopes and goals for the 4th lunar cycle. This is the page that I use to work out my mantras for the lunar month. The theme for this cycle is “celebrate your blooming goals” I have a section for the challenges I’ll face, my goals, how I’m going to do it and down at the bottom, my little plant tracker. I fill in a leaf each day that I say my mantras, which is usually in the morning with my coffee.

I really loved my fortune teller dutch doors from last month, I’ll leave a link here and down below! So this month I’m creating a Moon Dutch Door. Here I’m working on painting in the moon with two yellow water color shades from this tiney tiny Windsor & Newton watercolor pallet that I got yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ago at the HobLob (Hobby Lobby).

I’ve now flipped over the the other side of my moon dutch door to start inking in the rest of the designs that I’m tying in with the first one, my monthly overview page. I’ve added in a crayola stamp marker for a few extra star details. Does anyone remember those guys?

And now I’m watercoloring in a portrait of my ginger tiger cat Zoya the Destroya reaching down for one of the hanging designs. On the back page of the dutch moon doors I’m now painting in my black cat Olena. I didn’t have black in my watercolor pallet so I improvised with a black supertips marker. It worked out surprisingly well as a watercolor medium. Now I’m just going back in after the water color has dried to add some little details on both of the cats with a black gel pen, gold gel pen, white gelly roll, and green metallic marker.

Now I’m working on the inside of the moon dutch doors, which is where I’m putting the feeling based intention journaling prompt that I’ll be filling out on the morning of each moon phase. If you want to see how I use this spread check out my 4th Moon Lunar Goal Setting Video.

I’m using some of my favorite flower doodles this month as dividers between each section for the moon phases. I’m also free handing in metallic green and rose gold floral details around the entire moon cycle to match the outsides of the dutch doors.

And now the final spread of the month, my unravel your month check in, my words for this year are “flux & flow.” I’m tying all of the designs together on this page and left it really simple so I would have plenty of room for journaling at the end of the month when I reflect on how April went.

Now that we have completed this month we can go ahead and bring our April Plan With Me lunar & spiritual journaling practice to a close.

If you’d like to see what I use for my daily planner check out the link below for the tour of my Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner!

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