How I Use My Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner

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Today I’m going to show you How I Use My Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner. I have been using this planner now for two quarters and have molded it into a process that works for me as a creative. This is my daily planner that contains everything for my work, home life, and personal appointments. This is the planner that keeps me on track towards my dreams and goals for the year.

I set up my weekly spread on the weekend, giving myself sometime to get creative with my theme for the week.

1. Record Forecast & Moon Phase

First I start by recording the forecast and the lunar phase for the coming week by writing down the temperatures and using my stamp markers and silver sharpie for the weather icon that I put in the middle of the top box of each day next to the date.

2. Choose Theme & Main Inspirational Image

Then I choose the theme of my images for the week. I like to use landscapes that I cut out from wall calendars. Make sure to use a ball point pen on glossy paper, other types of ink will not dry and end up smudging your image.

I like to use these cut outs to decorate my weekly spread in the Planner and to make this week overview a little less chaotic by covering up my to do lists at the end of the day with them. I started this practice because I was focusing my intentions on letting go at the end of each day.

Every night, I cover over my to do list with one of these cut outs, weather or not the list was finished. It was my little way of practicing letting go and not feeling overwhelmed with ink scratches everywhere.

Double sided tape is really easy to use when decorating your daily planner. I find that glue sticks can get messy.

3. Sticker It Up!

And now Its time for stickers. Raid your stash of stickers and fill in a few designs, dates, and important reminders.

4. Fill In Important Info

Under the main inspirational image for the week on the left side, I like to write out a list of 3 items of upcoming content and below that, a section for other tasks and then with my stamp markers, two habits that I am focusing on fostering for the week.

Then I fill in my meetings for the week with a highlighter.

5. Weekly Goals & Review Page

Here is where I like to be a bit of a rebel. I actually use the Weekly Bootcamp page as a Weekly Review at the end of my week instead of at the beginning where the planner places the twp page spread. This is something I picked up from the Free To Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt.

I use stamp markers for the trackers and create a grid to doodle in each time I tick off a tracker. Then I write out my top 3 goals and focus for the week.

Filling In Each Day…

And this is what everyday looks like with my daily planner, I start with my focus for the day at the top of the page, then the prompt in the middle of the page, then write my daily gratitude note at the bottom. Then I write out my task list for the day between them in the lower half of the day. As the day goes on, I record it in the upper half of each column from 9-5 with a dotted timeline. Recording my day like this helps me keep on top of my mental health by being able to see what I have coming up and where my time went that day.

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Now that I’m done with the work day and my task list, I can now cover it over with a landscape image clip, practicing letting go of the day. Once that is done I fill in my trackers with stamp markers.

Reviewing Your Week…

At the end of the week I like to have a GYST List (Get Your Shit Together List), for all of the things that I won’t have time to do during the week. Then when the week is completely over I flip back to the Weekly Review page where I started planning out my weekly goals, and use a highlighter to highlight all of the things that I accomplished that week.

Plan With Me…

Come plan with me and see exactly what I’m talking about in the video below:

And that is How I Use My Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner as my daily planner!

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