2nd New Moon Monthly Goal Setting | Goal Setting via the Moon


Today I wanted to share with you how I set up this moon themed bullet journal goal-setting spread AND how I set my goals on every new moon for the lunar month. I do goal-setting in alignment with the moon. Every new moon is when I set my goals and intentions for that lunar cycle. These goals always relate back to my overarching goals for the entire year.

If you want to see how I created this layout click here. So grab a cup of tea and your favorite pen, and let’s set our monthly goals together!

Watch my companion youtube video to see how I created these watercolor backgrounds for my journal so you can make them in your own journal too!

First I’m setting up my New Moon Beginnings spread. This is the first fold out of the New Moon goal-setting spread. Here I have room for the New Moon Beginnings prompts. These white cards are going to be spaces where I write my journaling prompts, tarot card prompts, and my mantras that I create for myself this month. I absolutely love these little stamps that I made! I actually have a video on them if you’d like to see how I made these mood phase stamps. I like how imperfect they are, they feel hand-drawn to me, and I absolutely love them.

On every new moon I always pull two or three tarot cards. This time I’m pulling two cards that represent what I should have and what I should do. I’m using the classic Rider-Waite deck for this entire year for these New Moon Beginnings Tarot journaling prompts. I like to write in the classic Rider-Waite definition of the cards and my own interpretation of them below, in addition to my own sketch of the tarot card. These sketches aren’t miniature recreations like my daily tarot draws, to see those head over here.

The Rider Tarot Deck is a classic tarot deck to have in your collection. This deck comes with a mini guide book and will give you all the mystical mamma feels when you use it. Because this deck is so well known, there are a lot of additional companion books and resources.

See this deck in action in on of my recent posts here.

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I like to start by shuffling the deck 3 times, or whatever feels good, and then I cut the deck. I also like to write down any notes that jump out at me from the guidebooks as I journal. This month for my journaling prompts I’ll be focusing on:

to have
to do

to have

The Eight of Wands, according to the deck, representing swiftness, great hope, speed towards an end which promises assured felicity, on the move, love. My interpretation of the card, onwards and upwards, you are on the move to prosperity, but whose it is?

to do

The Four of Wands, according to the deck, harmony, prosperity, peace. My interpretation of the card, balance, harmony, peace and hopefully prosperity are on the way, if and only if you can keep the balance.

After I pull these first two tarot cards, I move over to the opposite side of this spread to the mantra maker. Out of these themes, I create my mantras for this month with my Mantra Maker.

This month’s lunar theme is:

“relax into your intention and watch its first roots & shoots form.”

The theme this month is relax into your intention and watch its first roots & shoots form. As your goals begin to take hold you begin to feel the first footholds below each step towards your dreams, goals, and intentions. Keep moving forward and upwards out of the soil as your dreams begin to break the surface and grow.

Make sure to keep in mind the theme of the Moon. Then create mantras for yourself that are customized based on the tarot cards that you just drew and any insights that the cards may have given you into the direction you want to head in for your goals for the month. Make sure that they also relate back to the overarching yearly goals. I like to use the mantra maker prompts:

I am…
I will…
I’ve set these goals to…

Here are my mantras for this first moon:

I am swift and moving forwards.

I am prosperous.

I am full of great hope and faith in myself.

I will remain balanced in times of chaos.

I will move swiftly as I need to and balanced as I need to.

Then I like to wrap up those individual mantras into one big overarching mission statement for my goals and intentions for the month.

My mission statement for this cycle is:

I’ve set these goals to remain balanced in times of chaos, move swiftly when I need to, seek balance as I need to. I am full of great hope and faith in myself. The prosperity is mine. AND, I embody yoga in its various forms.


After I’ve written out my mantras for the month I put aside those tarot cards. I don’t actually reference them at all anymore. I just use tarot cards as a journaling prompt and as away to get my mind thinking about any insights that could pop up based on what I want to achieve. I don’t use the Tarot as a forecasting or future telling tool. I just use it as a tool to get to know myself better and as a tool to spur me to think about certain things and different archetypes that the cards bring up and how it affects my current life situation.

Next I re-write my mission statement mantra for the month in the upper hand corner of the inside of this spread next to my moon wheel.

I’m going to be writing in a feeling based intention on every moon phase as the lunar month goes on. I will be sharing my feeling based intention in a second… I like to write it in at the end of my goal setting and planning session. So, onward to the goals!

✩☽✦Setting Goals In Alignment With The Moon✦☾✩

Now that I have this layout all set up, I can go ahead and move into the action phase of this goal-setting practice that I do every single month. This next section is my Action Steps and How I’m Going To Do It! 1 2 3!

The one-two-three method as a way of prioritizing my tasks when I feel super overwhelmed, I feel like I just don’t know where to start, or some days for when I just don’t have motivation to do anything. Sometimes I need to just say “okay if you get through this one list of 1-2-3 items then you’re done.” Click here for more information on the 1-2-3 Method for G.S.D.ing & G.Y.S.T.ing. I like to use the method for my mental health as well.

Now that I have all of my intentions and goals written down I’m going to break those 8 things down into 3 actionable steps. For each moon phase I have one intention to either finish or to work on. Check out my intentions for this moon and the 1-2-3 Method Steps that I am going to do to achieve these goals and intention for this moon below in my video:

After I have set all of these goals and broken them down into the actionable steps on how I can achieve them within one month, I go over to my feeling based intention and I write my intention for this lunar phase. I do this on every single moon phase either by the moon or in the morning of each new lunar phase, so you’ll see as the month goes on that this moon wheel will fill up with my own little mantras for every phase. My feeling based intention for today on the new moon is:

I’ve set these goals to further my spiritual knowledge of yoga and reignite my practice, and feed & feel the shakti within. I feel my goal in my core.


Then at the beginning of each moon phase for this cycle I will come back to this spread and write a new positive feeling based intention. I’ll be posting these little mini moon updates over on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss them! The only place you can find them is on instagram.

After I’ve recorded my feeling based intention I go over to my little tracker and mark off that I said my mantras and reviewed my goals for the day. There will be days where I don’t come to this spread and I don’t review my intentions for the month. But hopefully by breaking these down, setting all of these milestones for myself and giving myself dates and deadlines, I will come back to this every day. And even if I don’t I will still easily be able to get back on track because of all of the planning and prepping I’ve just done!

As the lunar month goes on….

I always check in with my goals. This is NOT a set it and forget it practice. You can’t hold and to hope and just ask the universe for something and not put in any work. So, to keep myself on track with my goals and to work towards them I check in with these goals twice a month for a more indepth review on my progress to see how its going or if I need to shift and pivot my goals and intentions to achieve them by the end of the moon.

On the Full Moon I do a mid month check in. First I ask myself, what have I succeeded in? and what can I improve?

On the final Crescent Moon (the Balsamic Moon) of the lunar cycle I do a Lunar Review of the entire month tracking my journey back to the new moon. First I think about what worked, what didn’t, and what I can improve. Then I reflect on the biggest wins of the lunar month.

This journaling and goal setting practice is something that I do the night before every new moon or the morning of every new moon. This practice of short term, achievable goal setting via the lunar cycle, has grown really dear to my heart. It’s something that I can’t imagine not doing.

So what goals have you set for this month? Are they similar to mine or are they totally different? I can’t wait to see your goals are, make sure you leave me a comment down below.

How are you connecting to your spirituality?

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