9th Balsamic Crescent Moon Monthly Goals Review Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting Journal With Me


So my life got a little bit busy… I completely missed the last quarter moon check in, and I am just writing out what my feeling based intention would have been. “Now that I am receiving, I give back from a place of abundance.”

Today’s feeling based intention for the Balsamic Crescent Moon is, “I reflect with thanks. I rest. I restore.”

Next, I go back to my sticky notes and check off what I did and didn’t accomplish. I use a little squiggly line for the things that are in progress or are sort of done. Then I just X out the rest and then color in the boxes for the things that I’ve finished.

Then I check the rest of the things on my Spiritual Goals section and 8 Intentions section. I also draw a little arrow for the things that I want to continue or that I’m going to be a transferring over to the next month.

During my Balsamic Crescent Moon Review, I ask myself three questions: what worked? what didn’t? and what to improve?

So what worked for me this month was having my daily goals on a mini sticky note for my habit tracker and then also letting go of guilt.

what worked?

what didn’t?

what can I improve?

What didn’t work was “Fit Fridays” and Techless Sundays. I usually do really good on Techless Sundays, but I was just super busy on Fridays and Sundays this month. I was working and I needed to actually be on the internet to G.S.D.

And there are two things that I’m going to be improving for next month.1. I want to reinstate my mindful morning journaling routine. 2. I want to schedule an alarm in my phone for zen time and goals time.


My little tracker was supposed to be third eyes and I really like how it turned out. Afterwards I take the sticky notes from this Lunar Goals Review and move them forward into the next new moon phase. 

Were you able to finish your goals for this lunar month? Did you do a little better than me? I can’t wait to see your answers in the comments down below.

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