The Spring Full Moon Names | March Full Moon


In the Northern Hemisphere the full moon of The Spring Equinox and the Holiday Ostara corresponds with signs of the ground beginning to thaw during the Spring. Farmers begin to prepare and impatiently wait for the arrival of Spring to plant their crops, all while looking to their livestock to keep an eye on the mothers that are about to give birth to the babies of Spring.

The Worm Moon is the full moon that happens on the date closest to the Spring Equinox and the holiday Ostara. This is the moon that told our ancestors who lived off the land that the earth was beginning to thaw and that planting season would be coming soon. The most common signs of The Spring Full Moon are the ground warming enough for worms to come out of the dirt, snow crust from thawing and refreezing in the same day, crows cawing to signal the end of winter, and sap loosening in the trees like the ground thawing. This moon also served as a signal of the end of winter to the settlers.

The Spring Full Moon Names:

Worm Moon
Crow Moon
Magpie Moon
Crust Moon
Sap Moon
Lenten Moon

Growing up on a Mid-Western farm, this was an exciting time. The snow was thawing, the Sun finally began peeking back through the clouds, and the day began to get longer and warmer. Every year we looked forward to those unseasonably warm days that began occurring as the Winter neared its end. Even now we still look forward to those warm days that allow us to get back outside and be with nature, even if its only for a few hours a day.

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