October Fox & Goldenrod Botanical Theme Plan With Me | Moon Themed Bullet Journal Layout & Spread


This bullet journal theme is straight out of the woods and forests of Northern Michigan, featuring an easy beginner Goldenrod botanical paint with me. October always makes me feel incredibly alive with its winds of change and brisk days.

This October monthly bullet journal cover page is inspired by the beautiful Goldenrod “weed” found everywhere in the Midwest. Goldenrod also grows in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. It flourishes in roadside ditches and fields and is often considered a weed. The plant’s yellow flowers bloom in late summer and early fall. It cross-pollinates easily with other plants, so there are more than 100 different species of goldenrod. The watercolor paint with me tutorial is also inspired by a pin that I found on Pinterest combined with my own flare.

Along with my monthly cover page I’m also doing a cover page for my tarot card that I pulled for this month. I did a year ahead spread that you can see here!

This is the card that I pulled for October, The Seven of Swords with a fox from the Wild Unknown Original Tarot Deck.

The Seven of Swords represents: Secrecy & Self Interest.

Six of the Seven swords hang in plain view, while the 7th is tucked under the fox’s tail. This is a secret being kept. You’re either the keeper of a secret or the kept-from, and it’s time to identify which. Deceit and avoidance linger in the air. Face the cause of secrecy or risk ostracizing yourself.

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: Get it HERE!

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