New Moon Self Discovery Journaling Exercise

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At the beginning of every lunar cycle with the New Moon we should take the time to look inward and ask ourselves “what do I need?” It’s also just as important to ask yourself, “what do others need?” This could mean, humanity, the earth, or a specific person or group of people, like “what does my family need?”

Once a month the New Moon is between the Earth and the Sun on straight line, this is the exact opposite of a Full Moon. From our vantage point on the Earth, the moon is not visible and completely dark because of its position between Earth and the Sun. The New Moon rises at dawn and sets at sunset, but don’t expect to see it in the sky. This moon is known as the New Moon as well as the Dark Moon.

The New Moon is the building phase of your journey or goal. It is a time to focus your energy on building the foundation of your focus for this lunar cycle. Take this time to focus on new beginnings, rebirth, impulses and following your instincts, this is your planning phase.

Goal or Intention to Journal about for this moon phase

During the New Moon take the time to focus on new beginnings, rebirth, impulses, following your instincts, raising your motivation as aspects of your Self Discovery. If you can’t decide what to focus on during this lunar cycle, try some of the following ideas, these are all great aspects to focus on during times of new beginnings which is what the New Moon is all about.

Supporting Themes to Journal about for the New Moon

New beginnings, initiation, birth, bring forth, start projects, plant gardens, renew, strength, courage, envision, impulse, energetic, planning, possibility, expansion, visualizations.

How to Journal during this moon phase

It is now time to create! and set your goals and intentions for this whole lunar cycle. Let everything come to you and inspire you. Sit with yourself and think about your hopes and dreams. What have you been wanting to start? What project do you need motivation to finish? What habit to you want to break or start or even pick up again? Upon observing the moon, remember you might not always be able to see the moon, first record your feelings and any emotions that come up while gazing up at the moon. Then think to yourself or say out loud one of the three following Mantras. When you are done, record this prompt in your journal. Say your mantra with confidence as if it has already come to pass, and is solidified in your life.

“I am ____
(goal / intention)” or “I have ___”

“I set my intention, I feel my intention in my body.”

“I set my intention, I am ___________”

More Self Discovery Journaling Exercises For Each Moon Phase

You can also try using the tarot or a deck of cards to give you ideas on what you might want to focus on during the new moon and for the rest of this lunar cycle. If you want to try tarot click here, and if you’re interested in using a plain deck of cards click here.

You can use this lunar journaling method as a tool to keep yourself on track toward your goal. I have found that its easier to have a plan and a schedule on which to think and focus your intentions. This helps you know where you are in your journey, what to look for, and keep you thinking about your end goal, which makes you take subconscious steps towards it with out you even knowing. Basically, it all boils down to keeping your goals top of mind so you keep going for them.

Want To Dive Deeper Into Intentional Goal Setting & Spiritual Growth?

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