First Quarter Moon Self Discovery Journaling Exercise

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The First Quarter Moon is a time to focus your energy on taking physical actions for this lunar cycle. Take the time to focus on strengthening the conviction of your ideas, creating and redirecting, this is your lunar phase to start taking action.

During the First Quarter Moon phase the Moon is at a 90 degree angle from the Earth to the Sun, which illuminates exactly half of the Moon. From our vantage point on the Earth, half of moon on the right side is lit, while the rest of the moon stays dark. The First Quarter Moon rises at noon, stays high over head at sunset, and sets at midnight. This moon is known as the First Quarter Moon and the Half Moon.

Goal or Intention to Journal about for this moon phase

During the First Quarter Moon take the time to focus on shaping your thoughts in to action and building, redirection, maintenance, persistence, and strategy, cultivate projects, support and strengthen your will. These are all great aspects of your Self Discovery to focus on during the First Quarter Moon. This is the lunar phase where you take actionable steps towards your journey or goal. If you still aren’t quite sure what to focus on during this lunar cycle OR you are only choosing one aspect to work on for each of the moon phase, try some of the following ideas. These are all great aspects to focus on during the First Quarter Moon phase.

Supporting Themes to Journal about for the First Quarter Moon

cultivate projects, movement, conviction of ideas, building, create, planning, focus, growth, support, will, redirect, maintenance, persistence, strategy

How to Journal during this moon phase

It is now time to take actionable steps towards your goal and plan out how you are going to do it. Let everything redirect and focus as you write out three more steps under the heading “How I’m Going to Do it.” Sit with yourself and think about what you already do that is related to this intention or goal. Now expand on what you already do. Create a plan or strategy on how you are going to achieve this goal and actually write it all down.

You can also create a tracker for this, which I find is the best way for me to stay motivated. It can be boxes that you color in on the same page as your journal or you can use a habit tracker app on your phone. Remember, now is the time to take actionable steps.

Upon observing the moon, remember you might not always be able to see the moon, first record your feelings and any emotions that come up while gazing up at the moon.

Then think to yourself or say out loud one of the three following Mantras. When you are done, record this prompt in your journal. Say your mantra with confidence as if it has already come to pass, and is solidified in your life.

“I am (motivation to take action) to (goal / intention)”

“I take discerning action to support my intention.”

“I take action to support my intention. I am _______”

More Self Discovery Journaling Exercises For Each Moon Phase

You can use this lunar journaling method as a tool to keep yourself on track toward your goal. I have found that its easier to have a plan and a schedule on which to think and focus your intentions. This helps you know where you are in your journey, what to look for, and keep you thinking about your end goal, which makes you take subconscious steps towards it with out you even knowing. Basically, it all boils down to keeping your goals top of mind so you keep going for them.

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