How To Use Positive Mantras To Change the Way You Think

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Affirmations and Mantras have changed the way I look at my life. They always shift my perspective to a positive one, and that’s because I am actively and consciously making a change in the way that I view a situation or problem that I am grappling with. Some days when the pressure of what I’m struggling with is too great, these affirmations and mantras feel more like blessings that I can give myself. Who wouldn’t want to rain down blessings on themselves? This self care technique works for big and small problems. Today I’d like to share with you my favorite way to use affirmations and mantras throughout my entire day. I’ve also discovered a new thing that I want to share with you too! It has made this practice even more special for me.

I like to use mantras and affirmations in a few places in my daily life. I start in the morning with my coffee, then in my bullet journal, in my body care, and in my office.

At my coffee station I have a sticky note affirmation mantra that I see every morning that says “may my day be filled with peace, love, and awesomeness.” I like to say this to myself while I drink my coffee and imagine the words being infused into my coffee with each sip. It’s a really beautiful way to start my day.

In my bathroom I like to use the affirmation mantras to boost my self confidence and cultivate love for my body. Everytime I lotion or oil my body I repeat the following mantra until I am done moisturizing: “I love my body as it is today.” To see the full ritual and mantra go here.

In my office there are two places that I like to keep my affirmation mantra so I can see them throughout the day, beside my desk just a glance away and in my bullet journal goal setting section so I see them every time I open it up.

When I set goals I like to create unique custom made mantras to carry me through the hard days of trying to accomplish a new habit or goal. To see how I create the custom affirmation mantras go here.

The affirmation mantra that has carried me through the bad mental health days the most is “soon this shall be.” I have depression and anxiety, and that affirmation mantra is perfect for my unique brand and flavor of craziness on any given day. Oftentimes I am anxious because I can’t make a change fast enough. In the past I have even had breakdowns because of this anxiety. 

Since this is such a special affirmation mantra to me, I wanted to give it a place of prominence in my home. I wrote it on a beautiful chalkboard that fits in seamlessly with my style. 

This chalkboard and chalk pen set is from Chalk-ola and I couldn’t be happier with it! The chalkboard is very sturdy, has a beautiful trim and ledge with a stand on the back. Thankfully it is not wobbly and stands securely on its own. This Rustic Chalkboard Sign is 15″ x 12″ with a Smooth Wooden Frame and Non-Porous Magnetic Surface that I can see fitting seamlessly into Home Decor, your Kitchen, Wedding, and at Restaurants & Bar Table Tops.

The chalk pens come in a beautiful array of colors and had the perfect dusty green and purple that I was looking for, for my affirmation mantra board. Once the chalk pen ink is dry it has an opaque finish with very clear clean lines. The chalk pens are really easy to clean up too, I used water and a cloth, and it wiped away the quick and easy, lickety split. 

I am really excited to use this chalkboard and chalk pen set to step up my lettering game and change out my affirmation mantra every month. If you’re looking to give your affirmation mantras a place of prominence in your home I highly recommend the Rustic Chalkboard Sign and Chalkola Chalk Markers from Chalk-Ola. You can find the chalk pens here and the rustic wood sign here, make sure you use the discount code CHALKOLA10 when you order. 



DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product by the company. Turns out I really love it and think you will too.

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