Love Your Body: #1 Way To Practice Body Positivity


Do you have a hard time loving your body? Do you have scars or flaws that make you self conscious? Do you hate the way your body looks or feels? I’ve been there, it really sucks. Keep reading for my #1 Tip To Love Your Body + 3 Body Positive Mantras To Repeat Every Day.

The #1 way to practice body positivity is through acceptance. Loving our bodies, as they are, can be challenging. Acceptance is not an overnight change that can be made, because of the negative thoughts that have already been engrained into our minds over the years. The answer to loving your body and accepting it as it is; is to go slow and build up the daily habit of acceptance & body positivity. Through daily practice and repetition our minds begin to shift, and phase out the negative views we have of ourselves and replace it with a loving positive self image.

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We all have flaws that we wish would go away and parts of our body that we don’t want anyone to see, let alone touch. It’s not good for our mental and physical health or spirituality to hate our bodies and let the negative self talk get out of hand. Our body must be a temple that we love spending time in. We must do everything we can to care for it, and keep it healthy and happy.

Negative thoughts surrounding our body can keep it from its truest potential and keep it from serving us as best it can. You can change your thoughts surrounding your body and learn to love it just the way it is. Seriously!

Ready For The Super Simple Secret To Achieve Body Acceptance?

The Answer is a tiny bottle of lotion.

Sounds too simple right? Remember, we need to start small and make this a sustainable daily habit that develops into a loving body positive practice to help us build a better body image as an adult. Which is why my #1 tip for body positive self care starts with a tiny bottle of lotion. A small bottle of lotion is an achievable finite amount of lotion which will make it easier to see the end of the goal, which is to practice this daily until the bottle of lotion is out.

I can tell you, from my experience, it was truly hard to start this daily habit. This little bottle made it easier on me, because I knew that this exercise would be over soon. But I have to tell you…. when it was over, I really missed the daily habit to Practice Body Positivity so much, that I began again with another bigger bottle of lotion.

Now, years later, I don’t hate my body as much. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our days, even me. But now, I think back to this practice and these mantras. This Body Positivity Practice makes it easier for me to correct my negative body image thoughts into positive loving thoughts to pull myself out of the funk or downward spiral, I found myself in.

#1 Tip For Self-Care And Getting A Positive Body Image

Take a small bottle of lotion, think travel size, or body oil and commit to yourself that you will consciously love and care for your body once a day by lotioning or oiling your skin while saying one of the following three body positive mantras to help you learn to love the skin you’re in:

“I am beautiful, my scars are my story, I love my body, my body is beautiful, I am beautiful.”


“I am beautiful, today, right now.”


“I love my body as it is today.”


Repeat these body positive mantras every day until the lotion or body oil is gone. This practice can be as quick as you want it to be. At first it was really hard for me to spend time on myself like this, so I quickly rushed through lotioning my entire body and moved on with my day. But something happened by the end of this experiment. I found myself spending a little extra time massaging my hands and feet while saying these body positive mantras.

What To Do When Your Positive Body Image Practice Is Over

Now that you’ve reached the completion of this practice of Body Positive Mantras To Make You Love Your Body, you’re going to notice that all of those negative thoughts and negative self talk has gotten MUCH quieter, or dissolved completely. At the end of the tiny lotion bottle you will find that you are more accepting, and quite possibly love your body more than when you started! You will be finding more beauty in yourself each time you look in the mirror.

If you haven’t already, then start the process over again with a bigger bottle of lotion or oil and a different body positive affirmation. Keep working until you have found the right mantra or affirmation for you.

In the end…

We all must learn to love our bodies at every point along the journey. Weather you are losing weight or gaining weight, you need to be aware of how you think about your body and remember to be kind to your body and mind. Take care of your body, it’s the only place that you will always call home.

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