Morning Mindfulness Routine


Having a morning mindfulness routine helps us to establish a ritualistic set of habits to begin our day fresh each morning that changes our attitude subconsciously as we move through our morning. The practice of a morning mindfulness routine is about the nourishment and cultivation of our souls through doing the things that make us happy and give our lives meaning.

Do you feel like this whenever someone talks about their own morning routine?

Everyone has a morning routine. For some of us it’s running out the door five minutes after we wake up. Why not craft a routine that works with you and for you instead of one that is rushed and hurried to the point that it creates anxiety as soon as your alarm goes off?

The core of my morning routine doesn’t change, but depending on the time of year, little things are added or put on hold until its time for them again. I choose to have a mindful morning routine for my mental and emotional health. This practice also gives me more connection spiritually and takes anywhere from one hour to two depending on the pace of the morning.


My Mindfulness Morning Routine

I wake up at 7:00am to my kitty Zoya saying good morning by sniffing me to see if I’m awake and meowing annoyingly sweetly after I say good morning to her. Before I get out of bed I take my BBT (Basil Body Temperature), then my multivitamin and medication. I stretch and head to the dining room to feed Zoya and clean her litter box.

Then make coffee, tea, or breakfast. Whatever I’m feeling that morning and head over to my reading nook, which changes locations and set up every few months. I record my emotions and review my intentions in my journal, write an entry in my journal prompt book, write yesterday’s memory in my 5 Year Journal, and read a chapter of whatever book I’m reading at the time.

By then, I have usually finished my coffee, and then choose a guided meditation for the morning. I stretch again, usually finishing with child’s pose as a stretch down from my meditation cushions and then head to my yoga mat to do a Sun Salutation or Intuitive Yoga with company from little Zoya.

After I finish my morning yoga practice I review my tasks for the day and pick out the dragons to be slayed and frogs to be eaten first. Then it’s play time with Zoya, we finish up with some training reinforcement.

My partner is usually up at this point making breakfast or coffee. We sit down together and watch videos for a bit before reviewing the day together. We make the bed, then he heads to the bathroom to get ready for his day and I head to the kitchen to put away our dishes and pick up a bit before I get dressed and ready for my day.

Then we either head out to work at the same time, or he heads out, and Zoya and I nestle in for a work session in one of the many work nooks we have at home.

What does it do for me Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally?

Having a mindful morning routine like this anchors my day and helps me feel like I am in control no matter what the day throws at me later. Physically this routine gets me up and moving in a gentle way with the stretching and intuitive yoga practice. Mentally this morning practice clears my head from any bad dreams, stresses of the day to come, and sets me up with a sound mind to head into the work portion of my day. Emotionally, this morning practice gives me the space and distance from any stresses or anxiety so I can focus on taking care of myself, and calming and grounding myself before taking on the day.


What does it feel like?

This mindful morning routine feels natural because it is slow paced and affords me alone time to be with myself and my own thoughts. At first, being alone with my thoughts was intimidating, but the more time I spent with them, the easier it became to let the negative thoughts pass and the positive ones shine and invigorate the start of my day.


What Products Do I use?

  • Aero Press for Coffee
  • French Press for Loose Leaf Tea
  • Cheap Yoga Mat (Because Zoya likes yoga mats too)
  • YouTube or Podcasts for Guided Meditations
  • 5 Year Journal
  • 300 Writing Prompts Journal
  • Desire Journal by Margo Chase Design (blank journal)
  • Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

Slowing the pace of the morning by taking time to care for my spirit, grounds me and connects me to my true self. I don’t get to do this practice every single day because sometimes you just want to sleep in, or the alarm doesn’t go off. There are even days when I’m waking up and rushing out the door. But because I choose this Mindful Morning Routine for most of my days, it makes the other rushed days bearable. I’m sure that you will discover, like I have discovered too, that this mindful morning practice makes you more open to the world and compassionate to all of the people you encounter through out your day.

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