February Plan With Me Lunar Bullet Journal & Spiritual BUJO


It’s time for my February Plan With Me for my Lunar Bullet Journal & Spiritual BUJO.

For February I decided to continue the tree line theme for my monthly overview that I have been using for a the past few months. I am really enjoying reflecting what the trees look like in my journal as the months change.

In the upper left hand corner I have a section for my monthly goals, and in the lower left a section for my future plans. My Monthly mantra for February is:

“the ox eat grass”

I chose this because this month one of my goals is to eat vegetarian and I wanted to remind myself that you can indeed be strong while eating a plant based diet, just like the ox.

Then I add in the lunar phases to my calendar. I’m using silver metallic markers this month along with the black supertips marker from crayola. Each tree is an important date or appointment. I’ll be filling in the rest of my tree line calendar as more dates and appointments come. 

On the next two pages I have my letters to the universe spread. This can be a daily gratitude log, but what I like to do is just use it as a place to open a dialog with the universe and with my inner self to say thank you for various things or just to write out my feelings. This can be a daily practice that uses one line, or it can be an as needed practice that is less frequent but take up more lines in your journal. 

Now for the Lunar part of this spiritual bullet journal. I begin with my practical tarot new moon journaling prompt spread. If you’d like to see how I use this spread click here. 

On the opposite page I am writing out a section for Challenges I will face in this second moon of the year and next to that my Goals for the second moon.

Directly below I have a section called How I’m Going To Do It. And at the very bottom of the page I have a range of dates that span the lunar month. This is my tracker for the mantras that I will come up with after filling out the Practical Tarot New Moon Journaling Prompt. My tracker is a sprout of leaves that come up every day I say my mantras and roots that grow as my practice goes on for the lunar month. Be sure to check out how I use this spread here.

For this second new moon of the year I wanted to use pink and gold to give my layout a light and bright feeling. I was also inspired by Sailor Moon when I was planning this one out. I start off with a section for my intention for the lunar month, which I will determine in my 2nd New Moon Lunar Goal Setting video.

I’ve left eight spaces for each of the moon phases to write the mantras that correspond with each phase and how they relate to my intention. The inner ring is left for more tracking throughout the lunar month.

And now I’m going to wrap up this lunar journaling section with two very simple pages, my monthly action steps to achieve my goals and my mid month check in.

Next I am going to continue the Hygge Challenge from my January Plan With Me. Each time I complete one of the items off the list I’ll use a stamp marker to tick is off and also draw it on the day it was completed.

The next two pages are my end of the month pages. First I have the Unravel Your Month check in and my Lunar review to look back at what worked, what didn’t, what to improve, and what my biggest wins were. And a little reminder at the bottom of the page to review my spiritual goals so they are top of mind.

If you’d like to see what I use for my daily planner check out the tour of my Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner. 

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