Weekly Spirituality Tip: Make yourself some tea and take your time to enjoy the experience of making it.


This week I want you to focus on enjoying the experience of making yourself tea.

Being immersed in experiences, especially ritualistic ones is a perfect practice to hone your awareness, practice gratitude, and learn the steps of a new skill.

By developing the practice of focusing on taking the time to enjoy the experience of making tea you get to descend into a cozy slow hygge world that is going to give you better insight into the experience, your feelings in the moment, and the joy of ritualistic movement and practices.

may my day be filled with peace, love, and awesomeness
may my day be filled with peace, love, and awesomeness

By replacing not paying attention to what you’re doing with immersing yourself in the process you are gaining a look into different worlds. The world of the cozy space you yourself have just created and the world or the knowledge about the tea, not to mention the world of the aroma and tastes.

Start by selecting your mug and selecting your choice of tea, instead of blindly grabbing for the usual or blindly grabbing and not looking at all. This is the easiest step to take because you get to pick what YOU want and get the chance for a little self indulgence.

Level this up by creating a mantra or blessing for your tea, using loose leaf, and learning more about the tea you are brewing.

I don’t remember where I heard this first, but I like to say in my head (and every once in awhile out loud) “may my day be filled with peace, love, and awesomeness.” It feels like I’m infusing this message into my tea, and that I drink it in every time I take a sip.

Level this up even more by reading up on the tea you’ve selected. 

Where does it come from? What is it’s history? How did this specific tea get from the plant into your hands? Go even further by learning about the perfect water temperature for your blend of tea and use a kettle with a thermometer for the perfect temperature. Record your thoughts, findings, and feelings in your journal. Or start a little pocket tea tasting journal that you keep next to your tea stash.

In my personal experience I have found that it was easy to enjoy this process. The difficult part was remembering to slow down and stop and smell the tea.

Weekly Spirituality Tip Make yourself some tea and take your time to enjoy the experience of making it

things to remember…

  1. select & smell.
  2. slow down.
  3. see the experience. 

Building new habits, especially those that make you slow down and take time for your self to have an experience is not easy, but you have a choice and have taken the first step by clicking on this Weekly Spirituality tip.

By developing the practice of making yourself some tea and taking your time to enjoy the experience of making it., I have found that I feel more intentional in the moment and through out my day. By stopping the automatic unconscious movement of getting a drink and practicing this I feel like I am setting myself up for an amazing experience of hygge and intentional movement throughout my day or into my evening to wind down.

May my day be filled with peace, love, and awesomeness.

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