Weekly Spirituality Tip: Find Affirmation In Caring For A Plant.


This week I want you to focus on taking care of your plants in an observant way and revel in the affirmation the plant gives you. Don’t just mindlessly water your plants like its a chore.

This is another living thing that gives back to you in many ways. Through shade, better air quality, food, beauty, scent, pest control, medicinal, and much more. Plants always give back to us, let that affirm that you are needed and you are important to this little plant. You are important to its lively hood, without you, the plant won’t thrive and might not survive. Everyone needs to feel needed, let the relationship you have with your plants affirm that you are needed, loved unconditionally, and important.

I am not having a good day, my mental health is slipping while I wait for a follow up appointment with my doctor. This morning I woke up feeling despair, like whatever I did was pointless. I was irritable and in a state where I would be very easy to anger. Managing my mental health has been difficult the past few days as I sought connection. My spiritual soul is hurting deeply and I feel like I’m about to fall into the dark pit of depression without a ladder to find my way up like I normally do.  I’m not in danger of hurting myself or others. But I am neglecting myself and recoiling from others. My relationships are strained right now, my cats are more alert because they know that something is wrong with me, and my plants are almost severely under watered. 

I knew that this morning I needed affirmation from someone that I was needed, wanted, relevant, and loved. But I’m already recoiling and not wanting or allowing any human contact unless its on my terms. So, I looked to my plants. They didn’t need heavy interaction and talking from me, they were content with the silence as I moved about them. My plants accepted me as I was, broken and disheartened. All they needed was a little bit of water, which I could manage. 

While preparing for winter, I tore out my summer garden, overwintered my bulbs, and made new hangers to overwinter my succulents in a window. But I hadn’t watered my house plants, for fear of loosing more to recent over watering, or given them a bath to wash off the dust on my houseplants. So my plants were thirsty and needed a bath.

Weekly Spirituality Tip: Find Affirmation In Caring For A Plant.

Olena, ever eager to water the plants and drink up any water the plants didn’t need, was right by my side when she saw the plant moisture meter come out of the drawer. 

If you can’t care for yourself, care for someone or something else. That can be pets, people, or plants. Love on them and you will feel the love return back to you affirming your worth. Its a simple pick me up that will help you get out of a rut and begin to be able to help you take care of yourself again.

After I finished watering, bathing, pruning, and rotating my plants, I felt a few levels better. Not 100%, but I was ready to talk to people instead of continuing to close myself off. It was affirming to know, feel, and see first hand that my plants needed me and accepted me as I was. It helped me pick up the pieces and get to a point where I could not let myself wobble enough to fall into that dark pit of depression. It gave me a small bit of stability that was just enough to affirm my worth, which was exactly what I needed.

Its funny what plants can do for our mental health and peace of mind.

Weekly Spirituality Tip: Find Affirmation In Caring For A Plant.

things to remember…

  1. If you’re low, care for your plants.
  2. Relationships with plants are incredibly rewarding and uplifting. 
  3. “Gardening is cheaper than therapy.” But if you need help, please get help.

Breaking the ebb and flow of depression is not easy, but you have a choice and have taken the first step by clicking on this Weekly Spirituality tip.

By developing the care giving relationship with my plants, I have found that I feel gratification, calmer, grounded, and affirmed feelings of being needed and my worth. By clawing out of the grip of a rut and intentionally focusing my care giving attention on my plants, I feel stable and calm again.

If you are struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, or PTSD. There is help. Please call for help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call:


or call 911

They’re available 24 hours everyday and even have an online chat if you can’t bring yourself to talk about it out loud.

I have depression, anxiety, & PTSD. Thankfully after years of help, I’m able to identify my triggers. Living with depression is draining, deafening, and can be deadly.⠀

On the other side of depression, I am able to remember the helpful tools sooner and not loose days to depression. Journal pages that help me manage my depression.

Every day won’t be perfect, but there is help.

I love you, Jenny P.⠀⠀

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