The Second Harvest Full Moon Names | September Full Moon


In the Northern Hemisphere the moon of the Second Harvest corresponds to the various types of crops harvested during the Fall Equinox and the holiday Mabon. Farmers were able to work late into the night under this bright full moon to bring in the bounty of the Second Harvest.

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that happens on the date closest to the Fall Equinox and can occur in September or October. This is the moon that told our ancestors who lived off the land that it was time for the Second Harvest. The most common crops of the Fall Equinox Full Moon are corn, pumpkins, squash, gourds, beans, and wild rice.

The Second Harvest Full Moon Names:

Harvest Moon
Wine Moon
Singing Moon
Corn Moon
Fruit Moon
Barley Moon
Elk Call Moon

Growing up on a Mid-Western farm, this was one of the most important times of the year for the livelihood of our family and animals. If the crops didn’t have a good growing season then the harvest would fall short leaving us with little money made, little food for the animals and little food on our plates.

In the Spring of 2019 across the Mid West, farmers faced political struggles from the US administration full of broken promises that left many farmers struggling to make money from their crops. Not only was the year hard politically, it was also a bad year for planting and harvesting due to climate change.

Many farmers where I grew up struggled to get their crops planted in the Spring because of the weather. There was first too much rain making it too wet to plant at the normal time of year. Then there was too little rain at the end of the planting window for the seeds to have enough time to grow. My parents even told me of a few farmers that missed the window and we’re able to plant their fields at all. Thankfully, my parents were able to get the crops in the fields during the shrinking window for the Spring planting season.

But now, in the Fall, the crops aren’t ready to harvest because they haven’t had enough time to mature enough to be harvested and sold or stored for livestock. I spoke to my Dad at the beginning of September, on his birthday, and he said that they might not be able to harvest the crops until late November or even December in 2019. Even then, the crops might not be mature enough, and they might loose all of their money on the harvest, or lack of harvest.

Just because we call these moons and holidays by certain names from long ago doesn’t mean that they are still applicable in modern times. The environment of the Earth is changing to become less hospitable for humans as we are use to living. If we can adapt, we might survive as a species. The Earth will go on with or without us. We need to adapt our thinking and practices. And in this case, moons and holidays to better reflect the growing seasons and Earth seasons we have in modern times, and in our own back yards.

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