The Late Spring Full Moon Names | May Full Moon


In the Northern Hemisphere the full moon of May and the holidays May Day and Beltane corresponds with signs of fertility, renewal and growth. Farmers keep praying for rain as the first shoots of their crops rise up out of the soil. The farmers are also tending to the new babies of Spring and those that are in need of being bottle fed, keeping them busy as May comes to a close.

The Flower Moon is the full moon that happens in May, closest to the holidays of May Day and Beltane. This is the moon that told our ancestors who lived off the land that is was the time of flowers springing forth in abundance. The most common signs of the Flower Moon of May are of course flowers everywhere and the birds singing. This moon also reminded settlers that they were nearing the end of the late frosts of Spring.

The Late Spring Full Moon Names:

Flower Moon
Corn Planting moon
Milk Moon
Dragon Moon
Panther Moon
Grass Moon
Moon When Leaves Are Green

Growing up on a Mid-Western farm, this was one of my favorite times of year. School was ending and my mother’s light purple irises were in full bloom. Every year we would pick a bouquet of irises to give to our teacher and bus driver as an end of the school year present. Now this time of year is is extremely special to us because it is our yearly Spring visit to the farm on Mother’s Day. It’s so reassuring to see my mother’s irises when we pull up to the farm. They’re a signal that even though there is constant change, the sun will always rise and the flowers will eventually always bloom.

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