Take Action & Cultivate The Seeds of Your Intentions

Goal Setting

Usually New Year’s Resolutions turn out to be “set it and forget it,” which sadly doesn’t get us anywhere close to achieving our goals. It also shows the world and ourselves that we are not intentional about our own intentions. Which when you think about it, is pretty disrespectful to yourself. Would you want to be with someone who just keeps on giving you empty promises year after year?

Fortunately correcting the “set it and forget it” mindset can be done! Here is how you can adopt a positive action oriented mindset for your intentions, so that by the end of the year you are looking back and feeling excited about what you have accomplished.


Before we get to Step 1, we need to do Step ZERO, which is changing the “deadline” of your goal to a “celebration marker.” Got it? Cool, now we can move on to Step 1.

1. Give Yourself An Achievable Marker

The first step to taking action is making an easy choice that is not overwhelming in any way. We want this first choice you make to be inside of your comfort zone. So, lets set this deadline celebration marker for 6 months from now and put it down in the calendar.

2. Schedule Backwards

The second step is determining the best way to take action on your intention with your calendar. Which is reverse engineering your intentions by planning your schedule backwards from your deadline celebration marker. I want you to schedule out those intentions, by breaking it down from monthly, weekly, to daily actions you can take to walk yourself to your deadline celebration marker.

3. Refine & Pull Out The Weeds

The third step is all about refining your lifestyle to let your intentions grow uninhibitedly. It’s now time to break out the garden hoe and cultivate those seeds of intention that have been germinating in your mind. Prepare yourself and your lifestyle to achieve this intention and make it to your deadline celebration marker. Tend to the soil (your life) around those seeds and pluck out any weeds that have sprung up. These weeds are the distractions & road blocks that are keeping you from establishing strong intentional roots. Dig deep into the reasons why you want to achieve this intention as you pull out the weeds that have undoubtedly sprung up.

In the end there is no set it and forget it Roundup Weed Killer when it comes to taking action and cultivating the seeds of your intentions. There is just good old fashion weed pulling by hand that gets you moving and aligns you with your intentions. When we get down in the dirt and pull those weeds we are accepting ownership of our intention to grow our goals. Which in turn aligns you with your spirit, who is already waiting at the celebration marker for you, because they can already see that you’ve made it! This conscious practice of setting action oriented goals connects us to our aspirations and shows us the way forward by allowing us to be the creators of our own path, which is a powerful feeling.

things to remember….

1. Give Yourself and achievable marker
2. Schedule Backwards
3. Refine & Pull Out The Weeds.

Don’t know where to start? Begin with Research. Then Brainstorm and Choose Your Focus. You can also get feedback from others in the real or online who have achieved what you’re striving for. Don’t be afraid to ask, everyone loves to give advice! Just eat the fish and spit out the bones (AKA take what nourishes your spirit and leave the rest behind).

Get out there and take action and cultivate the seeds of your intentions!

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