September Night Rider Lily Botanical Theme Plan With Me | Moon Themed Bullet Journal Layout & Spread


This bullet journal theme is straight out of my garden, featuring a truly enchanting botanical paint with me. September always reminds me of my Dad (happy birthday Dad!!!) and the final days of Summer.

This September monthly bullet journal cover page is inspired by the beautiful right dark purple almost black Night Rider Lily also know as the Black Wizard Lily. I planted these bulbs in my garden last year and only had a few come up this year. The Night Rider Lily is truly a mesmerizing mysterious flower that I love having in my garden. The watercolor paint with my tutorial is also inspired by a pin that I found on Pinterest combined with my own flare.

Along with my monthly cover page I’m also doing a cover page for my tarot card that I pulled for this month. I did a year ahead spread that you can see here! This is the card that I pulled for September, The Five of Pentacles with a rose from the Wild Unknown Original Tarot Deck.

The Five of Pentacles represents: Sadness, Worry, & Illness. The 5 of Pentacles is a card of hard times and an over-abundance of worrying. The anxiety that these emotions bring is counterproductive and damaging. You must find a way to quiet the mind and find peace. This is a signal to you that you can’t do it alone and that you need to reach out to others to help shoulder the burden or at least give you a few moments of peace between the chaos.

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: Get it HERE!

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Get more ideas for September Bullet Journal Spreads here: September Bullet Journal Ideas Themes Trackers & Designs

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