November Lunar Bullet Journal – Spiritual BUJO Plan With Me


Today it’s time for my monthly plan with me for my daily planner and spiritual bullet journal.  November’s cover page is a combination of two different pins that I saw on Pinterest. I am also carrying over the color combination from one of my recent weekly spreads that I really enjoyed. My quote for this month is “November’s descent into the Shadow Self.”

November’s descent into the Shadow Self.

This monthly cover spread also has the lunar phase dates for this moon and the next moon that both span November. I used my DIY Moon Phase Stamps. I am really really enjoying these stamps. They were so much fun to create from scratch. 

Then I used my watercolor palette to pick up the colors that I used in the leaves for the eyelashes on the November cover page. I’m also using a little bit of salt and tapping my brush here to add some texture as well to this spread. Next month I am thinking about using a spray bottle of vodka to create the texture in the water colors.

This Is My Dear Universe spread. This month I wanted to focus on what it is that is happening for me, instead of to me. I’m just saying thank you for the things that are seemingly negative each day and turning them into a positive experience by saying thank you for them and thank you that this is happening for me rather than to me. I just want to shift my perspective a little bit into a more positive mindset this month.

Now we’re onto the mental inventory page which is just like a brain dump spread.  This is where I get all the ideas that are floating around in my head that are keeping me from getting things done and causing me anxiety, out of my head and onto the page.

At the end of the month is where I do all of my journaling and my reflecting. I’ll have my November spirituality prompts which I’m going to be sharing with you in just a second down below! I have sections for, what I’ve learned, how I challenge myself, what is a time-saver and what isn’t, and what am I most grateful for. I also have monthly prompts for “unravel your month” that I do for my words of the year “flux and flow.” Flux and flow are my words for this year, kind of like a mantra.

The questions I ask myself at the end of every month are:

what am I grateful for most?

how did I challenge myself?

what did I learn?

what is working and what isn’t?

The very last spread in my monthly stack is my leftovers spread. I usually have tasks that I don’t get to, and just wanted to make sure that I had a place to write them all down so I could easily transfer them over to the next month. I like to keep this spread really simple and wide open to I have room to write. So for decoration I just use my DIY Moon Phase Stamps, DIY Coffee Cup Stamp, & my DIY Tree Stamp to create a little scene.

And finally, the most important question of the month, out monthly spirituality writing prompt:

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt.

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