Deer & Garden Stickers Themed March Plan With Me | Moon Themed BUJO Layouts & Spreads


This month’s cover page is inspired by a set of stickers that I received in the mail from my Mom (thanks mom!!!! Love you!) and a set of gardening stickers that I found at the Target Dollar spot. You will see A LOT of stickers this month in my bullet journal.

Last year I started making bullet journaling a lot more accessible and easier for me with the use of stamps. You will see a lot of stamps in my videos this year in addition to my D.I.Y. Moon Phase Stamps + Coffee Cup & Tree Stamps. Stamps are going to make things so much easier and so much faster for me and I’m really excited to start using them!

Along with my monthly cover page I’m also doing a cover page for the tarot card that I pulled for this month. I did a year ahead spread which you can see here! This is the card that I pulled for March, The Son of Pentacles from the Wild Unknown Deck. The Son of Pentacles represents dedication, loyalty and quiet.

The good side of this card is loyalty and determination. But sometimes this figure becomes stubborn and persistent to a fault. This combined with his quiet nature, results in being hard to get to know and socially awkward at times. He has a few close friends over many.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set), by Kim Krans is a really great introduction into tarot cards that feel more approachable than the classic Rider Waite deck for those who are just starting their tarot journey. I love just looking at the artwork and tucking the cards into my mirror so I can see them every morning.

The guide book and is a really great addition to your tarot collection and artwork collection. See more about this deck in my own words here.

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my quote for this month is

“Plant Dreams” and “Home Is Where My Garden Is”

This monthly cover page is also going to be a flip-out monthly overview. This will enable me to flip out the page while I’m on my weekly spread and still see everything that I have going on for the month. I used my DIY Moon Phase Stamps. I am really really enjoying these stamps. They were so much fun to create from scratch. 

This month I wanted to go with a spring garden theme especially since I did something similar for my monthly goal setting moon calendar earlier on the most recent new moon, you can see it here. I didn’t want this one to be bright green. Instead, I went with the muted colors from the sticker pack that had garden veggies contrasting with the black garden stickers I received from my mom. I tied it all together with my dymo label maker, DIY moon stamps, and crayola stamp markers. I have two sets from the 90’s and one from today.

You’ll notice on my monthly important dates a few spots of gold and silver. This is something that is unique to me and helps me scan my page much faster. I have gold dots for Mondays and then two silver dots for the weekends.

On the back side of my monthly tarot card I’m writing my end of the month journaling questions.

Go here for more journaling prompts & monthly spirituality questions.

At the end of the month is where I do all of my journaling and my reflecting. I’ll have my monthly spirituality prompts which I’m going to be sharing with you in just a second down below! I have sections for, what I’ve learned, how I challenge myself, what is a time-saver and what isn’t, and what am I most grateful for.

The questions I ask myself at the end of every month are:

what am I grateful for most?

how did I challenge myself?

what did I learn?

what is working and what isn’t?

And finally, the most important question of the month, the monthly spirituality writing prompt:

This month’s spirituality journaling prompt. (coming soon!)

On the inside of my two cover page flip outs, I’m going to be doing my Daily Tarot Draw again! I’m really excited about this, last year you all really really enjoyed this, so I will be recreating little miniature versions of my tarot cards that I pull every single day this month. See my past Daily Tarot Draws here!

If you’re new to my content you’ll be wondering what this next spread is…

This is a moon wheel spread. Every single month in addition to a monthly plan with me that you’d find in any bullet journal, I always make sure to have a monthly moon calendar. I recently moved to a traveler’s notebook set up, and migrated these moon calendar wheels into their own section. My moon calendars are always set up in the form of a wheel. See my past moon calendars here.

Next is one of my favorite spreads. This is my mental inventory spread. I like to use this to get all of my ideas out of my head. It really helps with my anxiety……. This is like a brain dump page, I like the way that mental inventory sounds much better though. So this is where I’m going to be writing all of the notes that are floating around in my head so I can get them out and not have to worry about them anymore… AND not let them clutter up my mind and my anxiety.

And here we are at my first weekly spread of the month! Instead of a to-do list or a task list, some weeks I like to title this “things I get to do.” I was noticing that I was feeling overwhelmed by tasks and my work load, so I have brought back the daily spreads in my bullet journal. I am tracking my time and leaving space for my 3 most important tasks for the day. See more about how I prioritize my day here. This spread is a five week spread that utilizes faux dutch doors with my rolling task list on the right.

Check Out my video below to see what’s on my mind, what I’m up to and what I’ve got going on for this month!

How are you connecting to your spirituality?

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