Yearly Goal Setting Review: Spiritual BUJO + Moon Calendars of 2019


If you’ve been here for awhile you might be wondering where some moon bullet journal videos are for this month…. they are missing! That’s because this year for the 13th moon I decided to do an entire month of resting, reflecting, and planning for the upcoming year.

It turns out that I accomplished a lot this year! I was really really surprised when I did this yearly review to see what I got done and what got left behind. I accomplished 15 out of 31 personal goals and 20 out of 27 goals for OwlsAndIndigo. And then there is my spiritual goals…. I kind of just abandoned the process that I had set up for the new year in January this past year. I think that I got too in depth with my goals too quick and I just wasn’t ready for how intense I made it for myself.

So I pivoted my goal-setting practice for my spirituality into an entirely different system, that I’ve been sharing with you this entire year! For my spiritual goals this year I ended up creating a list of things that I wanted to accomplish, but didn’t make them very specific. At the beginning of every new moon, I set goals that corresponded to those overarching goals for the entire year. This actually helped me accomplish a lot, it was an interesting way to look at achieving those goals after I had abandoned the process, pivoted, and restarted.

I really really felt proud of myself this year. It helped my mental health too when I realized that I had accomplished so much. It made me feel a lot better about myself and gave me a little pick-me-up to realize that I actually got a lot more done than I thought I could do in the first place. It was such an amazing gift to give myself. I’ve definitely made a lot of progress when it comes to my spiritual practices this year and also my mental health. Interestingly enough my mental health actually goes hand in hand with my spirituality practices.

I’m starting off this yearly review by creating my lunar leftovers for 2019 and dressing up the page a little bit with some of my DIY Moon Phase Stamps. I’ve also incorporated stamp markers this year which make the process of bullet journaling a lot faster and a lot more creative and fun.

At the beginning of every year I write myself two letters:

the promise

and the vision

The promise is a note to myself on the things that I’m going to accomplish by that time next year. The vision is a five-year outlook. This is what I think my life is going to be like in five years and the things that I think I will have accomplished by then. It turns out… this year I actually marked off one of the things on my five-year vision!!!

Next mark up your goals from the beginning of the year.

arrow to migrate
√ check mark the accomplishments
῀ squiggle the things you’re still working on
X x-out the things that you didn’t do or want to do next year.

Now, write down the items that you want to transfer over into next year’s bullet journal on a separate piece of paper.

Finally, celebrate those accomplishments!

I started celebrating my staring them with my stamp markers and I’m going to treat myself to a long afternoon or maybe morning nestled in at one of my favorite coffee & tea shops.

Now you’re ready to start planning your goals for the new year!


DIY Moon Stamps

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