August Spirituality Writing Prompt | Journaling


This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: what makes you feel enlightened & uplifted?

Last month we talked about what your spirituality practice looks like. And this month I’d like you to reflect on what makes you feel enlightened & uplifted?

Let me know in the comments down below what connects you to your spirituality or email me! For me, what immediately come to mind, are my daily rituals, whether they are mundane or special. There’s also connection, reading about other cultures and religions. Participating in religious practices also makes me feel enlightened and uplifted.

I am always pulling little bits from each religion that I come into contact with. By doing this I’m making something that really fits for me, and helps me feel more connected to everyone in the world. It also helps me make sure that I don’t attach myself to a dogmatic religious view. I believe that you can do whatever you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else.

All of these religious practices and spiritual ways of thinking have different ways to connect you deeper to your inner self. I also really, really, enjoy the sense of community that you get when you are participating in the actual religious or spiritual experience. This could be an actual religious experience, like going to church, participating in mass, or going to different religious activities, in groups that are willing to open their doors to other people. This can also be something like participating in a meditative practice as a group.

Meditation has become very mainstream. I think it’s a great thing to practice and something that helps me feel enlightened. Meditation is something that our society definitely needs. If religion were to go away, I think mindfulness is something that would connect us all and help us feel more connected as a community, instead of against each other in our various groups.

Sometimes my routines & rituals are really extensive and sometimes they aren’t. I talked about this in my in last month spirituality question. Sometimes my daily rituals are just very little, normal, plain things, like stopping and smelling the tea or stopping and taking joy in practice of creating your beverage in the morning. You can also enjoying the experience & ritual of taking care of your hair, how you dress your body, or how you walk somewhere. Our daily rituals don’t need to look mystical and magical, they are the rituals of the actions and things that help us feel enlightened & uplifted.

This month’s moon bullet journal plan with me: click here!

How are you connecting to your spirituality?

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