August Pink Black Eyed Susan Botanical Plan With Me | Moon Themed Bullet Journal Layouts & Spreads


August always reminds me of hot sticky nights and the return to school and learning. This year school is going to be a bit different for the world. With the pandemic still raging, schools are not reopening for in person learning full time. Most institutions are offering online learning only, or a blend of in person days and online learning splitting students into pods of no more that 15-20 students at a time. They then rotate the groups so that there are the least amount of people in a classroom at a given time.

This July monthly bullet journal cover page is inspired by the pink black eyed susan flowers that I am seeing everywhere lately! These are one of the variety of flowers that I want to make sure I have in my wildflower garden when I finally have a cabin the woods with wifi. Oh a girl can dream! The watercolor pink black eyed susan cover page is also inspired by a pin that I found on Pinterest.

Along with my monthly cover page I’m also doing a cover page for my tarot card that I pulled for this month. I did a year ahead spread that you can see here! This is the card that I pulled for August, The Nine of Swords from the Wild Unknown Deck.

The Nine of Swords represents dark visions and anguish. The Nine of Swords reveals the deepest shadows of the self. You’ll be battling yourself, so turn to others for help. Remember: Find Joy, and Reach Out to others.

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This month’s spirituality journaling prompt: Get it HERE!

Get more ideas for August Bullet Journal Spreads here: August Bullet Journal Ideas Themes Trackers & Designs

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