32 Spiritual Lessons I’ve Learned In 32 Years

Personal Notes, Spirituality

This week I celebrated 32 years here on this Earth with a week of special events and outings. Celebrating for a week is a new thing and just happened to coincide with vacation and a camping trip. This week has given me an important gift. Instead of only one day of reflection, I’ve been given nine. Nine days to reflect on how important living is, nine days to reflect on my friendships, my gains, and losses. nine days to give thanks for the things I have learned since starting my Mental Health Journey in October, nine days to feel gratitude for my family and that it is still here, whole and in one piece. Nine days to realize 32 of the most important Spiritual Lessons that I’ve learned in 32 years here on this Earth.

  1. its’ ok to hurt
  2. pain is sometimes the catalyst to happiness
  3. sometimes the greatest gift is an unanswered prayer
  4. nature heals you no matter how stressed you are
  5. flowers will always make you smile
  6. Mantras are like music, its a good thing to get them stuck in your head
  7. chocolate and berries can be so heavenly you forget that you’re on earth
  8. sometimes you need to look outside your faith, to others to find the answers
  9. going home is a blessing
  10. trust your instincts
  11. its important to get your hands into or on the earth everyday, even if its just in the rain or to reach up to a tree as you walk by.
  12. never underestimate the power of a cup of tea and good friend
  13. practicing awareness is one of the most important things you can do in life
  14. studying anything brings you closer to your spirit
  15. You are most like your true self when you are at peace and when you are within happiness
  16. your spirit will ache and you will know exactly what do to, the real test is being able to actually do what will soothe you.
  17. everyone has an altar of some sort even if its just for jewelry
  18. art feeds your eyes and your mind, and transports your soul
  19. aroma therapy can unlock all the doors to your emotions
  20. balance is constantly teetering
  21. blessings come in many ways and sometimes in ways that you don’t want as first
  22. courage is one of the most important things you can have to foster your spirituality
  23. dancing (even if you look silly) makes your heart soar and connects you to your true self
  24. Dreams usually have meaning, but sometimes they are just dreams
  25. friendship is important for your spirit
  26. Gardening can bring your spirit closer to your version of the Spirit
  27. yoga can clear your mind and is easier than meditation
  28. humility can be hard, but gets easier with time
  29. braiding, kitting, crocheting, weaving and any repetitive creation is a perfect type of meditation to calm your mind and occupy your hands
  30. holding hands is like holding someone’s spirit in your palms
  31. laughter is some of the best medicine (trust me, its true)
  32. letting go its sometimes the only thing you can do to move forward

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