The Blood Moon Original Watercolor Print — for the October Full Moon

Experience the enchanting allure of the The Blood Moon in intricate detail with our original 4″x6″ watercolor postcards. Crafted by a local artist, each postcard encapsulates the resplendence of the Full Moon, allowing you to carry its luminosity wherever you go.

Embrace the beauty of the celestial dance with these high-quality, handcrafted postcards, ensuring a connection to the mesmerizing moon every month. Elevate your surroundings and immerse yourself in the ethereal charm of this celestial wonder.

Bask in the celestial splendor and keep the enchantment of the Full Moon close at hand. Get Your Full Moon Watercolor Postcards Now & Embrace Lunar Magic!

• 4″x6″
• 300 GSM
• Paper thickness: 0.13″ (0.34 mm)

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• January Wolf Moon
• February Snow Moon
• March Worm Moon
• April Pink Moon
• May Flower Moon
• June Strawberry Moon
• July Buck Moon
• August Sturgeon Moon
• September Harvest Moon
• October Blood Moon
• November Frost Moon
• December Cold Moon


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