My 2020 Goals & Intentions

Personal Notes

Setting yearly goals isn’t always easy and can sometimes feel daunting. I know that it did for me before I realized I had depression and anxiety. Now that I am in a better head space, I’m able to live beyond the end of the day and see further into my future wants and desires. Thankfully, these yearly goals now seem attainable and realistic! This list may seem like a lot, but I have a lot to catch up on, and I promise that they all link together in one way or another.

These goals are going to lead me to the biggest goal I have which is living a life that is working so well that I don’t even notice it. I hope that one day, everything just seamlessly flows together and supports each other to just plain work (without me even noticing!)

This year I decided to make a flip-out version of my spiritual goals that way I don’t have to keep rewriting them every time I do my New Moon Goal Setting Ritual. I set goals by the moon every single month. As you head to the beginning of this year in my journal you’ll see an overview for the year with the calendar months and the moon phases too. Right next to this section I have my flip out yearly spiritual goals.

Making a flip out is really handy for me because when I was setting my goals for the new moons last year I kept re-writing my goals, which took up time and space in my journal that I found that I needed for planning. The flip out allows me to reference my goals no matter where I am in my journal with no flipping back and forth to see what they were.

There is no setting and forgetting this way. By using the flip out I can keep them top of mind when I’m having a hard day by just leaving the page out so I can be inspired by what I have in store for myself.

I did something a little different with the way that I set my goals and intentions for the year. Instead of “I want to accomplish this by blah blah blah date” or “I want to do this bah-bah-bah thing.” I wrote my goals and intentions in a way that was present. Like a mantra that I was already embodying. Writing it this way felt more actionable to me.

My 2020 Goals & Intentions

I let go of my solitude.

I embody calmness and love.

I am dedicated to healing my mental health with oils, good fats and good veggie carbs.

I nourish myself with plants, oil, water, yoga in its various forms, spirituality, and techless bedtime.

I am fully integrated with my dream self.

I embody my spiritual yoga practice in its various forms: learning the history of yoga, breath work, meditation practices, stretches, poses, yoga flows.

I’m learning:
– the spiritual side of yoga
– to reinvigorate my apothecary with foraging
– composting
– oils and good fats for brain health and longevity

I’m reading:
– John Muir’s collected works
– Haus Magik
– Hatha Yoga
– The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

I tend to be a little bit of a hermit crab and I’m an introvert and I’m also a Cancer… so I just want to stay in my shell and in my home. I never want to go out. I’m such a homebody and I don’t want to go anywhere, ever. This has kind of become a little bit of a problem… so I want to release that solitude and let go of it. I have some physical health intentions, body health intentions, and some mental health intentions. I have depression, anxiety and every once in a while PTSD just really hits me hard.

I’ve seen a doctor and I have the support of my doctor, my therapist, my husband, and my family. They have all helped me through the really hard days. It’s difficult some days. Even though its difficult, I do have goals for my mental health. I am currently on medication and would like to eventually get off medication with the approval and support of my doctor.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I am only sharing my journey, what works for me and what hasn’t. Please consult your doctor before changing your diet or medication.

This year I’m trying a way of eating, I don’t want to say diet because it’s not like I’m doing this to lose weight (even though I could stand to lose the weight). I’m doing this new way of eating to promote a better brain function. I’ve been doing some research and it seems like good oils, good fats and a low-carb way of eating can help mental health. It should help with anxiety too. This way of eating should help the synapses fire in the brain better. The diets that I’ve been looking into also help with Alzheimer’s, elderly adults, longevity and brain function.

My mental health is very important to my spiritual health because if my mental health is not sound then my spirituality just tanks. I turn into a very dark place. It’s like my spirit is just zapped out of me and it sucks. It’s terrible. For me mental health and stability is a part of my spiritual practice along with all of these other things.

I’d love to know in the comments down below what your spiritual goals are for this year! Is it something as simple as finishing a book in the religion that you follow? Learning about other religions? Starting a daily meditation practice or daily yoga practice? Sitting in nature or sitting with your pets? Tending to your plants?

If you are struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, or PTSD. There is help. Please call for help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call:


or call 911

They’re available 24 hours everyday and even have an online chat if you can’t bring yourself to talk about it out loud.

I have depression, anxiety, & PTSD. Thankfully after years of help, I’m able to identify my triggers. Living with depression is draining, deafening, and can be deadly.⠀

On the other side of depression, I am able to remember the helpful tools sooner and not loose days to depression. Journal pages that help me manage my depression.

Every day won’t be perfect, but there is help.

I love you, Jenny P.⠀⠀

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