Monthly Spirituality Question | Journaling Prompts for Deeper Connections: Bliss & Harmony


There is still time for you to ponder the Spirituality Journaling Prompt this month. This can even be a part of your end of the month journaling review. I like to ask myself the same questions each month plus a Spirituality Question that gets me thinking and gives me a chance to connect to my truest most inner self, my spirit. If you’d like to see what questions I ask myself each month check out my April Plan With Me, which includes all of those questions that I ask myself at the end of the month to see how I’m doing. I like to see what I’ve learned and just to see where I’m at. This monthly life review also helps my mental health.

This journaling practice definitely gives me pause for reflection, which I feel like I don’t have enough time for in my life. Taking pause is something that I have a hard time making and taking the time. But with this practice its built into my routine at the end of the month with my journal.

Monthly Spirituality Journaling Prompt:

What brings you bliss and harmony? How can you bring more of it into your life?

My Experience

This journaling prompt was really interesting for me. It was surprisingly calming. To be honest I was worried that I was going to stress out about all of the things that make me happy that I’m not able to do right now since the world is in lockdown. But it made me zero in and focus on the little things in my daily life that bring me bliss and harmony.

My Answer to This Spirituality Journaling Prompt…

What brings you bliss and harmony? How can you bring more of it into your life?

I experience bliss and harmony in the escape of my dreams at night and when the day is done and I crawl into bed. My bed is a place of refuge at night.

During the day, cooking, my plants, board games, and my pets bring me bliss and harmony.

I will bring more bliss and harmony into my days by checking my plants every morning with my plant moisture meter and by playing one card game by myself each day.

These are the little things that I can do during COVID-19 quarantine and self isolation that are easy, manageable, do-able, and bring me bliss and harmony.

I’d really love to hear what your answer is (if you can share it) in the comments down below or email me. I really love to hear from you. I love getting emails from you. It’s amazing to be able to interact with you on a much more personal level in actual genuine back and forth conversations. It makes me smile and it just warms my heart whenever I get these messages from you all.

I am very very grateful and thankful to have you as a community and to know that I’m not alone when it comes to mental health struggles or just normal everyday struggles. Sometimes I’m just too hard on myself and I’ve got to remember that I’m human. It really helps to have a community to support me and also have a community that I can support back as well.

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