Creative Writing Ideas And Journal Topics For June & Summer Incense

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Aside from Summer finally beginning, June is my favorite times of year to journal about my future. This article will inspire you with creative writing ideas and journal topics for June. PLUS the best Summer Solstice Incense Recipe that I have ever found (it’s so good, that I’ve even used it during the Fall and Winter!) This Incense Recipe will help you set the mood to begin your June Journaling Adventure.

June is a time of the year for Love, Union & Dedication.

Be sure to nurture and show compassion for yourself as you reflect on what you tended to on May 1st when you were goal setting. This is also a time of energizing growth, fostering those things you have brought into your life, and refining and improvement on this year’s path.

June Journaling & Summer Solstice Incense

How To Celebrate Summer With Journaling

While reflecting in my journal on the past two months, I like to set the mood with a seasonal scent. Instead of just lighting a candle, I like to make it special and light my own blend of Summer Solstice Incense full of the aroma’s of summer. Recipe Below!

  1. When reflecting in your journal, be sure to nurture your seeds of change and write down how you have fostered their growth.
  2. Now is also the time to refine and improve your plan for those seeds and the rest of the year.

FREE Writing Prompts for June

Remember that June is a time for Love, Union & Dedication. If you are struggling, this is the perfect time to re-dedicate yourself and to show yourself a little more love and compassion for how far you have come. Take this time to reunify yourself with the version of you on January 1st that was full of inspiring energy, big dreams, goals, and intentions.

  • How Have I Nurtured My Goals So Far This Year?
  • How Much Have I Grown So Far This Year?
  • How Can I Refine And Improve My Plan To Accomplish My Dreams By The End Of The Year?
  • What Does The Summer Season Teach Me About Myself?
June Journaling & Summer Solstice Incense

Best Summer Solstice Incense Recipe


  • Lemon Verbena
  • Rose
  • Lotus
  • Lavender
  • Orange / Citrus
  • Mint


Dried violet flowers would be a beautiful addition to this mixture since violets are a summer flower.


  1. Start with equal parts or just a pinch of each, until you have the desired aroma.
  2. Mix your ingredients together, I like to use a glass bowl or a mortar because it makes the act of mixing the herbs feel special.
  3. Light your coal and place it in your kadylo, thurible, incensor or any heat safe open container.
  4. Sprinkle your loose herb incense mix onto the coal and enjoy the June Summer Solstice incense aroma.

How To Use Incense Without Fire

Alternatively, you can put this mixture in a sachet and shake it when ever you want to release the scent, or as a potpourri, if you’d prefer not to have the smoke of the incense.

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