Connect Deeper To Your Spiritual Side With These 52 Self Discovery Journal Prompts


Whether you’re just starting out or have been working on your spirituality for a while, you’ll find 52 questions to ask yourself, to help strengthen your spirituality on a weekly basis. These journaling prompts are going to help you nurture your soul and feed your spirit. I hope that this free worksheet will inspire you to connect more authentically to your own spirituality. // Free PDF download below!

To have a spiritual existence is something we should cultivate early on in life.

Before you can reconnect with your inner self and grow your spirituality, you have to know yourself to be able to let your spirituality bloom. We need to be able to get back to, and hold onto, that child like vision of the world lifts our soul up closer to the stars.

Unfortunately, that is not as easy as you’d hope.

The beauty of becoming more spiritual, is that it doesn’t have to start with religion. It starts with you, and your connection to yourself and the natural world around you. The best thing about that is that you are constantly connecting to the world and learning new things about yourself and your environment. It’s a life long process, and that is a beautiful thing.

Becoming more spiritual doesn’t have to be wandering around in the dark, unsure of where to begin. Your journey doesn’t have to be that way, no matter the religious, agnostic, or atheist background you come from. That is why these journaling prompts are helpful. They will serve as a starting point for you to develop your spirituality further.

Think of growing your soul and spirituality like digging into the Spring soil.

You want to keep digging until you find the perfect depth for the seeds of your soul to grow. Then, you’ve found the perfect place to develop it, care for it, grow it, and nurture it in the most effective and nourishing way possible.

How would you become more spiritual?

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