8th Full Moon Goal Setting Check In | Lunar Goal Setting Journal With Me


Today I’m sharing my 8th Full Moon Goal Setting Check In. I really enjoyed creating the my August Plan With Me featured in my spreads. So grab a cup of tea and your favorite pen, and set check in on your monthly goals with me!

8th Full Moon Goal Setting Check In | Lunar Goal Setting Journal With Me

The theme this month is receive abundance and that is because we are in the first harvest. On every full moon check in, I always ask myself two things: what have I succeeded in this lunar month? And what can I improve? 

There’s always things that we can improve on whether we’re actually on top of our goals and have gotten everything done. There’s definitely little things along the way that we could have done better. 

what have I succeeded in this lunar month?

what can I improve? 

One of my goals was to schedule time in my planner to make time to sit down and actually do some of my goals and work on my goals. I got those scheduled, but unfortunately throughout the flow of each day I had to shift things around. Scheduling just didn’t work a couple of days this week, in fact, I actually had to push it to the next day. So there was definitely something I could have done better. 

I technically achieved one of the eight steps for my entire goal this month by scheduling it. But I could’ve done it better. I should have taken into account the workload that I had AND everything that I had to do in the three pillars of my life which are personal, home, and my business. 

Unfortunately, I just didn’t think about that…. and ….  I should have. That’s something that I’m going to be improving on throughout the rest of the month and also in future months.

What progress have you made on your goals this month? Are you on track for the Balsamic moon or did you have to retool your goals and intentions for the month?

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