8th Balsamic Crescent Moon Goals Review Plan With Me | Lunar Goal Setting Journal With Me


It’s finally the end of the lunar cycle and it’s time for the 8th Moon Lunar Review. Lets see how I did on my goals… Did I accomplish them? Did some of them slip a little bit? 


This month I noticed that I was not getting everything done that I wanted to. I decided to try something a little different today for how I review my lunar goals. First I’m going to start off with journaling writing prompts: what worked, what didn’t, and what I can improve.

what worked?

what didn’t?

what can I improve?

Starting with what didn’t work… I wasn’t able to allow myself time daily to accomplish my goals for this lunar cycle. Scheduling didn’t work either. I’m going to improve by trying habit stacking and triggers next lunar cycle. 

Now for what worked. Starting actually worked. Sometimes starting is just the hardest thing to do. But also the guilt worked, when I didn’t have time or feel like I didn’t have time to set aside for working on these spiritual goals. Next I fill in what I did accomplish and make note of anything that’s left over. My Mantra for the Balsamic Crescent Moon is “I give thanks for what I have learned and let go of what has fallen behind.”

“I give thanks for what I have learned and let go of what has fallen behind.”

Jenny proczko, from owlsandindigo,
8th Balsamic Crescent Moon Goals Review

Lunar Leftovers

This month I’m trying something a little bit different. I do monthly leftovers for my regular bullet journal… so I’m going to try lunar leftovers this month for my balsamic review. I use sticky notes to record what is still yet to be done. I didn’t get to recording two meditations, I still need to write one more meditation script, and I also need to update my garden journal. These are the tasks that are going to carry over to next month or I’m going to try and complete them before this next new moon which is in the next couple of days.

Carry Over To Next New Moon

I also have a stickynote for what I want to carry over to the next new moon. I definitely want to carry over Techless Sunday’s, I really enjoyed that. and for Fridays I still want to walk or bike to work, and I want to read either four to eight chapters of my book next month. I’ll read either one chapter every two lunar phases or one chapter per lunar phase to get to eight.

Habit Stacking & Triggers

The next sticky note is for habit stacking and triggers. I have an 8 p.m. shutdown ritual that I normally do every day. But today I’m going to reorder it, so I can hopefully get in some of these other habits and tasks that I’ve been slacking on. At 8 p.m. I’m going to shut down, and then record my day and my 5-year Journal I’ll read my bedtime meditation early that way I can reflect on the meditation while I’m doing yoga in the twinkle lights in the bedroom. Hopefully this will give me a chance to wind down and do a little bit of reflecting while I get in that daily yoga flow. I completely failed on this month. Then after yoga I’m just going to keep winding down and read for 15 minutes before brushing my teeth and getting into bed to read more or for lights out.

8:00 P.M. Shut Down:

  • Record my day and my 5-year Journal.
  • Read bedtime meditation.
  • Reflect on the meditation during yoga.
  • Keep winding down.
  • Read for 15 minutes.
  • Brush chompers.
  • Read in bed.
  • Sleepy time.

I’m also going to habit stack my Techless Sundays. I want to wake up on Sundays and do a hike with my husband. When we get back we’ll meal prep. While meal prepping for the week, I’m going to be listening to podcasts. After I get done doing that the rest of the day I’m going to be reading or doing other activities that are your outdoors and just completely offline. No screentime at all. Except to play my next podcast or audio book.

Techless Sundays

  • Hike over coffee with the hubby.
  • Meal Prep Together.
  • Listen to Podcasts.
  • Outdoor activities (lounging on the deck or in the hammock).
  • Read or Listen Books.
  • Stay Completely Offline & No screen time.

Fit Fridays…. I don’t know how this is going to go…. but I’m going to have a rule that I can’t have coffee at home on friday mornings. Hopefully this will make it so I leave and actually get to a coffee shop or a cafe to have coffee or tea at the cafe. Then I’ll already be at a cafe and I can work remotely for the day. 

My little tracker was supposed to be wheat stocks and I really like how it turned out. Then I go back through and star the items that I actually started. Afterwards I take the sticky notes from this Lunar Goals Review and move them forward into the next new moon phase. 

Were you able to finish your goals for this lunar month? Did you do a little better than me? I totally slacked on yoga, but I’ve got a plan for next month, so I’m feeling a little bit better about it already. I can’t wait to see your answers in the comments down below.

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