Simple Mid-Winter Milk Ritual


The beginning of February marks Mid-Winter and the fire festivals for St. Bridget, Candlemas and Imbolc. This is a time of year to give thanks for surviving the Winter and prepare for the coming Spring. Some seasons we are rather beckoning the Spring to arrive rather than just preparing for it.

Burning white candles, starting seeds for the coming Spring, and buying a new houseplant are great ways to celebrate Mid-Winter with your loved ones without having a spiritual ritual. Preparing myself for Spring gardening has always been special to me at this time of year, preparing our seed list and planning our garden has always been a standing tradition in our family.

You can also celebrate Mid Winter by foraging for snow, pine cones, evergreens, while searching for the first sings of Spring. Take these items along with the milk of your choice into the woods or a place sacred to you outside among nature. Milk is the traditional drink of the fire festival Imbolc, if you are not able to drink milk, you can always take water, which is a perfectly acceptable offering due to it being an important life source for all creatures on our planet. Or a milk alternative, bonus points if you make it yourself like almond milk.

Arrange the foraged items on the ground in a way that makes you feel connected to the season. Take out your milk and hold your cup in your hands and say:

Life giving milk / water, contained in this cup, nourish my bones and my soul as I share it with the wildlings, animals, and spirits who have been born and with those who have yet to to be born.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit, help watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe.

As the wheel turns and the Earth begins to stir, at the end of her Winters sleep, Let the Sun return with its warmth to lift my soul and warm my bones.

Now, as the animal mothers prepare to give birth, I prepare for the return of the Sun as my spirit begins to grow warm once again and look to the Mothers of Earth for continued guidance.

Sip from your milk as you reflect on the change of season and the blessings of surviving winter, and the blessings that were brought into your life this year. Pour the remaining milk onto the Earth or set your milk with the gathered items.

When you are finished, give thanks, silently, or aloud and leave the milk for the wildlings, animals & spirits of the season.

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