About The Author

Jenny Proczko is a writer, creator, and artist from the beautiful outdoors of Michigan, where she is lucky enough to combine her passion for Writing & Journaling, Mental Health Advocacy, Goal Setting, and Spirituality. She believes in the power of knowledge, in the beautiful, and the magical power of fostering your Spirit.

Through Owls & Indigo, she spreads her messages of mindfulness and compassion. There you’ll find all kinds of information on Spirituality in the Modern World, Journaling, Connecting to Nature, Medicinal Herbs, Self Care Rituals, and Personal Notes from Jenny while you begin your own personal journey of becoming more spiritual.

Owls & Indigo’s purpose is to break the stereotypes people have about Spirituality. That it doesn’t matter what religion you subscribe to. You can even be a Spiritual Atheist, and still foster the practices that expand your spiritual growth and connect you deeper to your own unique style of Spirituality.

– with love & strength

Jenny Proczko

from Owls&Indigo

A Note From Jenny…

“I want you to become happier, healthier and have the confidence to walk your own spiritual path, alongside whomever you choose or to walk the path in solitary. I want you to say, ‘This is my path, I know what I like, need, and what is good for my Spirit.’ When you quit fighting your soul, and start working with it, you will finally find balance and peace that calms and simultaneously charges your whole self. ”

What I do…

There’s a little something for everyone.

I offer courses to find and expand your spirituality ranging from Journaling with the Moon to Practical Tarot Journaling.

I also make YouTube videos in which I start the conversation on all taboo spirituality topics. Anything from tarot cards, prayer, to meditation and mindfulness, I talk about it.

I am also available for interviews, collaborations, reviewing spiritual books and products, workshops and almost anything spirituality related.

Interested? Email me – [email protected]


A little bit about me that you might not find anywhere else…

I do like to camp. I have a passion to heal my body with herbs. I’m an Art Historian. I read A LOT about many different religions including Christianity, Catholicism, Paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many more. I used to be in an Ecumenical Choir for over 7 years. I’m passionate about positive energy.