Finding the words to tell other people why you like them is hard enough, let alone telling them how they impact your life. But its important that other people know how vital they are to your existence. This brings people into your life and reflects your character by signaling to them that you care about them and realize how important they are. Just think about it, someone comes up to you and tells you why they like you and how much you impact their life. What do those words or gratitude make you feel? Excited, important, and a bunch of other positive feelings that will carry you through the rest of your day. Now imagine if you did that for one person each day this week. You would be impacting so many people in a ripple effect, because you took the time to tell someone why you like them, and how much they impact your life.

I’m shy and have found that its hard for me to tell someone why I like them, and how much they impact my life. Usually, I find myself stumbling over my words as anxiety sets in. It was easiest for me to start with my family members and friends, and then move onto other people in my life. You can practice this with your co-workers, store clerks, doctors, even customer service representatives. Everyone, even single serving friends and those who provide us a service are worthy of hearing why someone likes them and how they have impacted another person’s life.

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