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Thyme, Craft Beer and the Female


This isn’t a fun topic to talk about, but it happens. Some women have the unfortunate luck to not be able to take down large amounts of craft beer like their men. The unfiltered yeast in the beer, although good for you, can in rare cases lead to a feminine yeast infection.

If you found yourself in Kalamazoo Michigan on the night of Bells Oberon Eve feeling a little funny down there, finish your beer and head home to make yourself a 32 oz pot of Thyme Tea.

Boil 4 heaping table spoons of Thyme in 32 oz of water in a large tea pot or regular stove top pot. (32 oz of water is one Nalgene bottle) Strain out the Thyme, and sweeten with honey. This drink will be earthy but delish once you sip on it for awhile.

Drink as much of it as you can before you go to bed. For the next three days split your Thyme Tea into 4 mugs and drink throughout the day. You might be lucky enough to get it out of your system in one day.

Thyme is a medicinal herb and can be used for many things, it has antiseptic qualities that make a great mouth rinse for tooth decay and as a facial cleanser to clear up acne. But if you can’t stay away from craft beer or if you live in one of Michigan’s brew cities try preventative medicine like AZO when you know you’ll be drinking lots of unfiltered craft beer.


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