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Familiars are another perfect thing for me to talk about while I’m visiting my family’s farm in Illinois this week. Before I ever knew that I was Pagan, I had a love for animals and even had multiple familiars growing up on the farm. Familiars aren’t always the stereotypical black cat or raven. They are […]

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Re-Strengthening The Bond of Love

As I sit here on my old bed, in my old room, on the farm I grew up on, I have “it’s the power of love” running through my head with fabulously outdated 80’s music to back it up. Love is a strange thing. It has the power to move you in every emotion and […]

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Product of the Week – Momma Sarah’s Attraction Powder

This week I want to feature a product that has improved my workings exponentially this past year. It’s this soft and silky to the touch mega magic booster called Attraction Powder by Momma Sarah over at Conjured Cardea. The Attraction Powder does just what it says, it attracts and draws good juju & karma to you. […]

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