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Get Your Inner Shaman On

It’s common knowledge that the role of the shaman of many cultures was designated for a man and that women in those cultures were seen as the crazy witches that would feed you roots and eyes of newts.

But all joking aside, as a 21st century woman we should learn to go back to our roots and get our inner shaman on. Many of us have felt that Western Medicine, although amazingly advanced, has yet to understand why natural is better. I know many women that prefer to opt out of shots for their children and cure their bumps and scrapes with tinctures and poltucies with herbs from their garden or a near by forest or roadside.

How to Tap Your Inner Shaman

Mullein A Chukchee proverb declares, “Woman is by nature a shaman.” The Chukchee people come from Serbia, which is next to Romania, which is next to Ukraine. I mention this because my future family is Ukrainian. The people of the different Ukrainian Tribes & the Tribe of the Chukchee are both rich with heritage, mythologies and Pagan backgrounds that were strong with root workers and herb gatherers.

Getting back to the roots in a society of the digital age is sometimes hard. I sit here right now chained to my laptop when all I want to do is go outside and enjoy the trees and look for feathers and beautiful rocks. Take some time, or at least take your tablet or smart phone outside, and read under a tree or in the secret grove you discovered last time you went hiking.

Use those pieces of smart technology to teach you about nature and to teach you the ways of the herbs in your area. Michigan is rich with natural habitats and many medicinal plants. Start by looking for one plant and learning as much as you can about it.

My most recent plant love has been Mullein. Once I learned about it I started to see it everywhere I went, even on the roadside. I pointed it out so much that my boyfriend said, “why don’t you learn about another plant?”

To learn about the medicinal properties of plants and their personalities check out Wise Woman Herbal Healing Wise by Susan Weed and Tom Brown’s Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants. I love these books and so does my camper boyfriend, on every walk we try to identify every plant we know and its personality and medical properties.

Get outside and be with nature, and get your inner shaman on!

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