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Crane Spirit Animal

Totem-CrainThe snow has thawed in the forest and there is no longer ice on our lake which means the geese, swans, and cranes have come back. I can see them fly across the water as I peer through the trees today as I write this post.

Seeing the real animal that goes with the totem is always a magical moment for me. It reminds me of what they stand for and what they can show us when we see them in real life. This week’s Celtic Totem Animal from John Matthews is the Crane.

Crane – craein

as Wayshower The stream carries onward.
as Protector Keep watch on every side.
as Challenger How will you continue tomorrow?
as Helper Let me find the clear path.

The Crane is a symbol of justice and longevity in some cultures. The Gaelic word for this animal is craein. If a crane totem presents itself to you it could mean that something that was lost will soon reveal itself.  The crane can also teach you to celebrate your creativity and keep that fire burning by having the proper focus in your daily life and the proper direction on your life path.

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